Masturbation due to vivid dreams

Okay, thank you for clearing this up.

I went to confession and explained the situation to him. This priest has always been real quick with confessions and kinda rushes through them. Anyway, he just ignored what I said, told me it was a sin (which I already know; that’s why I’m there!) It didn’t matter that full consent may or may not have been there. So, while it’s a grave matter, I still don’t know if I had committed a mortal sin

Sins of the flesh are regarded as sins of human weakness, not malicious intent, such as murder. If you knew, and deliberately chose to commit the sin, then it is a direct violation against the 6th commandment (see other post), and mortal. If as a consequence of a dream, there is doubt, and this alters the intent, the deliberate choice, so it is not a mortal sin there is no clear judgement call, or clear weighing of the moral act. It is still a serious matter, and the mind doesn’t seem to be fully alert and the intent is questionable.

Masterbation and wet dreams are both sin and produce the same guilt feeling.

God knows…and forgives.

You confessed it in number and kind …repented …resolved against it …and it was absolved. The blood of Christ restored you to true life!

Actually while the first is yes a mortal sin - the second is *not a sin *if there is no consent to them or wanting them or seeking them.

God knows…and forgives.

You confessed it in number and kind …repented …resolved against it …and it was absolved. The blood of Christ restored you to true life!

Both ways still sear your concience like a hot iron and your still depressed for the whole day.


Only that which is mortal sin.

And even then let one repent and turn quickly to Jesus with love and seek out confession.

One ought not let oneself be bothered by that which is not sin. Does not involve the conscience for there is not consent -not sin.

Masturbation, if done in association with a dream, can be a venial sin, with partial intent, not full intent, but as a result of a bad habit. A wet dream is the bodies way of relieving a hormonal overload, a normal thing. If it feels like a hot iron on one’s conscience, that is good in one way, a desire to avoid offending God, it can be a bad thing if we allow it to become a source of worry, and scruples God is concerned for you, and most willing to forgive as long as one is contrite, He is not looking for condemnation, but love and sincerity.

Depends what one means. Such done “in association with a dream” (ie one wakes and does such in a wake state- can be yes a mortal sin. If there is full knowledge and complete consent.

Well to me they both produce the exact same feeling like I just ate gravel that stays with me the whole day.

In terms of when there is such a dream…just when one wakes -as one becomes awake - gently turn your thoughts to some good thing and get up. Do not consent - and there is no sin. None. Just brush it off -turn to God and get about your day -and ignore any such feelings (for they are not ones conscience …but just an effect). And turn joyfully to following the Lord and ignore the rest.

It says in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, that whilst masturbation is a grave sin, there are occasions when a person is addicted to masturbation. In this instance, the sin becomes a venial sin. So I suppose you would have to ask yourself if you are addicted. I know I am. I’m currently trying to stop, and have gone 8 days so far, I’m starting to suffer now though. So I know how you feel. The only advice I can give is to pray for perseverance in suffering and to be given the strength to resist temptation. I’ve not gotten there yet, but I’m hoping it gets better after a while.


It is considered a “GRAVE” sin??!!


Yes. Grave sin (mortal sin).

Exactly. Get up, get out of bed, do your best to redirect your mind on holy things.

Or, perhaps follow the more drastic example of St. Benedict:

The evil spirit brought before his imagination a woman whom he had formerly seen, and inflamed his heart with such vehement desire at the memory of her that he had very great difficulty in repressing it. He was almost overcome and thought of leaving his solitude. Suddenly, however, with the help of divine grace, he found the strength he needed. Seeing near at hand a thick growth of briars and nettles, he stripped off his habit and cast himself into the midst of them and plunged and tossed about until his whole body was lacerated. Thus, through those bodily wounds, he cured the wounds of his soul." Never again was he troubled in the same way.


:confused: ??? say what.

I beg your pardon?

Care to expand on that dismissive and disrespectful comment?

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