Masturbation improving

I discovered masturbation last month. This was the second worst thing I discovered in the world - the first was porn, and it took me years to eradicate it.

I am trying to improve masturbation through prayers. Although I still masturbate (just right now, for instance), I find myself possessing more ‘Reason’ and calmness in halting the bad behaviour.

Oh God, I am so sorry to put off my pants. I need to accumulate your Divine force such that one day the ‘net force’ against masturbation would be positive.

The priest I’m always going to seems to be impatient with my weekly confession of this same sin. Dear God, please save me.

Well, if I had not committed sexual sins, I would be a very very nice guy. I am good. But I need to overcome this unique trap by Satan to a talented young man like me :smiley:

Dear God, imbue me with confidence and endurance for the Good.


Praying for your intentions.


Brown Scapular and daily rosary works out pretty well for me to battle this temptation.

Praying for you.

Need to work on the choice of words! I know your problem is serious, so you are on my prayer list. Praying you can overcome your urges!

Yes to the above. Also try to develop a sense of when you need help. You do not have to do this alone, find an accountability partner if need be. Also find some good Catholic fellowship, stay busy.

Lord, inflame our hearts and our inmost beings with the fire of Your Holy Spirit, that we may serve You with chaste bodies and pure minds. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

This is not a stupid person. His choice of words is not an accident. He’s having fun at the expense of the forum, and it’s imprudent to encourage him.

I see what you mean…good call.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Do you mean I’m having fun at the expense of the forum? If so, I apologize for my impertinence in my first post, which was written in a hurry.

I’ve always struggled with this particular frequent mortal sin. I always seek ways to improve - I’ve tried installing keyword filters, started Rosary Novenas and other prayer programmes, gone to weekly Confession, and asking for help from pastors, but still I always sin. That’s why I say it takes time to ‘accumulate’ the spiritual medicine from God.

I admit my flaws in frequent prayer. It’s been half year since my Baptism, and I still don’t think I live a holy life. But I’m very earnest in striving for one.

I mentioned about ‘pants’ because that was the checkpoint for the sinful cycle - if you’ve learnt about Go/Gi checkpoint of mitosis you might know the underlying metaphor. Sorry for causing irritation and misunderstanding.

I often question the use of weekly Confession - I feel bad repeating the same sin to the same confessor, and the only penance and advice provided would be three Hail Marys. Somehow I begin to wonder that I haven’t made a perfect contrition and my examination of conscience is imperfect - in other words my love for God is inadequate.

I am also thinking of ways to channel my excess energy. And I do feel the power of God - right now I can begin to stop and think thrice facing temptations.

I hope you will keep me in your prayer. I shall spend an hour with Jesus during Adoration.

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