Masturbation Problems

I do this 5-6 times a day. I just got done doing it right now. My computer is full. I love watching dirty movies when I do. I don’t want to go to hell. I can’t help myself. It’s just I need to and it’s like I’m addicted. Someone help me with this problem!

There are many in the same boat as you.


  1. Look at the “sticky” posted at the top of the Moral Theology forum— it has several good suggestions. Start there first.
  2. If it has become an addiction, you need help. Try a 12 Step program such as Sexaholics Anonymous ( which is free and anonymous; or contact a therapist with specialized training and certification (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist or CSAT for short) by going to
  3. Intensify your prayer life and avail yourself of the sacraments.

God bless you.

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you strength & fortitude to overcome your temptations.

Consider checking out Courage International. The site might have a few things to help you out.

Also pray. Try to develop a routine of daily prayer and considering praying the Rosary.

Also every time you mess up,try to get to confession as soon as possible.

Peace and Love.

Know that God is with you in this struggle and that there are others who also have this problem. You’re not alone.

I’ve heard it said that masturbation addiction is chemically similar to heroine addiction. Matt Fradd has a book, maybe available from CA Press?, on breaking free from porn addiction, I can’t recall the name, someone here will.

HERE is something on dealing with recurring sin, from the pov of St Josemaria Escriva that might be of some help.

I’ll pray to Our Lady for you.

I am calling MUD ON this post.

What is MUD ?

Agree with this. Did no one notice his username? Anyone who really wants help would not have chosen something so inappropriate.

“Made Up Drama”

I agree that this guy is a troll but it is unfortunate because there are many who do have problems in this area of their lives. It’s not to be taken as a joke. Too bad this guy sees such a serious issue as one that can be poked fun at. I will pray for you because I suspect that not all of what you post here is a joke for you. You probably do suffer from sexual sin and find that making light of it here does no one any good especially you.

:bluelite: You need to start by praying. :bluelite:

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