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Ok I am a 14 year old boy sitting at my desk studying and all off a sudden I begin to make myself masturbate if you get my picture. I was not thinking lustfull thoughts and I could not stop myself, I had almost no thoughts. I have exams in a week and I can not concentrate because Im so sorry for what I did. Please let me know is this a mortal sin? Also why did this happen?

It happens, especially at that age. Just know that the urges will lessen as you get older and especially when you get married. Personally, they are still there, just not nearly as pronounced as they once were. But we are all human and will give in. Don’t let them dominate your life, and pray for the Lord help you concentrate on what is important to you.

Personally, I don’t think it is a Mortal sin, but I do confess it whenever I do go to confession.

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I would agree that in your case this was probably not mortal, however, I would always err on the side of caution and confess the sin before you receive the next time.

Your post indicates the special graces that you are experiencing as you seek forgiveness. First off know the love of God and your love in return. Most kids your age would not even think about this as offending God. Find a good confessor and make sure that you listen to what he says. You can explain more to him than you can to us and he will discern your culpability.

God would want you to study for your exams without fear. Pray frequently and go to confession as soon as you can. In the meantime know that God is infinite love and He knows your heart. You are very blessed to be so aware of your actions.

Why does this happen? Because at your age it does and you will need a lot of discipline to overcome the urges. It is even difficult for older men at times. We must pray earnestly and know the mercy and forgiveness of God. Only by the grace of God can we make ourselves strong through our weaknesses…teachccd :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it was mortal or not in your case but I would definitely confess it the next time you get to confession just to be safe.

Another reason to confess it is that you need the grace the sacrament gives to help you overcome the sin.

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