Masturbation...yet again

Yet again another thread on masturbation. I have been confessing this for a awhile now and I am making progress. Everytime I confess I go longer and longer between falls. I am afraid now and that seems to be why I am wanting to do this. This has been such an ingrained habit that I wonder if something might happen if I just stopped cold turkey. I sometimes have discomforts and pains. That might just be from my body craving this though. I believe as the church teaches this is a grave matter but it seems that when I go to mass things clear up. Maybe in my situation things are venial.

still trying…

You would be surprised to learn that often evil spirits around us are putting the thoughts in our mind. But they can be just our own inclinations as well, but its always good to keep in mind the enemy is trying to tempt you, and to fight him off.

A great video! I intend to follow the suggestions it makes concerning prayers and use of sacramentals, especially the use of holy water.

What mystery of the rosary helps with lust?

No not surprising. The thing is with sanctifying grace you are given faith and evil shrinks back at that.

Just praying the rosary in general helps to reduce vice it is the third promise of the Virgin Mary to those who have a devotion to the rosary.

By the way a vice is the habitual inclination to sin, such as masturbation. So keep in mind a rosary a day will keep the devil away.

Another thing to remember when the Virgin Mary made the promises of the Rosary, 1 rosary was considered to be 15 decades, not 5, and in 2002 Bl. John Paul II added the mysteries of light, so we really should get through at least 20 decades a day for one rosary. But hey start with 5 and try to increase as you go, also you don’t have to pray 5 decades in one go, you can space them out through out your day, for instance if you find yourself with a spare 5 minutes say a decade, and in this way you can fill your spare time with prayer instead of wasting it like I do lol.

Pray it at least twice a day, by Decade if necessary. Don’t think it matters which set of Mysteries are prayed.

i meditate on Jesus’ scourging at the pillar…he took that for me and the last thing i want after that meditaion is physical lust or self gratification…a rosary and chaplet of divine mercy a day and its been 7yrs here without falling…if i can do it, believe me, anyone can do it.

daily mass helps too if you can make it…

God Bless

the sorrowful mysteries are especially for lust, but as the poster above said, really the entire rosary is for combating lust. but the scourging at the pillar specifically is the mystery in which we pray for purity. we honor Our Lord in this mystery and His virginal, unblemished flesh which was torn apart by the heavy blows of the whips of the roman soldiers and hung like ribbons off His already tender body (it was tender because of when He sweated blood, which causes ones skin to become very fragile). and we honor His most pure and holy blood which gushed fourth from the whip wounds and we pray it may sanctify us and keep us pure. we pray that as Jesus was unblemished and pure, we too may be kept pure.

"The devil never sleeps, neither is the flesh yet dead; therefore you must always be prepared to do battle, for you are surrounded by enemies that never rest."
Thomas Kempis
The Imitation of Christ, Ch. 9.

There isn’t one in particular, but I would suggest the Sorrowful Mysteries. I’ve found them to be helpful when dealing with any type of sin or temptation that deals with lust, pride, etc. Reminds me of how much Jesus suffered for us.

As Theresa of avila said the evil spirits aren’t that powerful. But they do try to influence I understand. That was an interesting video I use a technique called tonglen from buddhism that uses love and caring to neutralize evil. Sending and binding evil spirits to me sounds like it might stir vengence. Remember nobody as in humans or demons that do anything to you first. At sometime somewhere someway in the pasts you must’ve did something to them from beginningless time :slight_smile:

I posted this in another thread about the same topic, I hope it helps a little at least.

Being a male, and struggling with this addiction it has been difficult to overcome, and its still something I have to deal with; but its gotten better the closer I am to Jesus.

Once I started going to mass more, confession, and had a desire, a hunger for fullness in my life, I began to desire God. I desire to know God, to be with God, and most importantly, become like God by being Holy. To be Holy, one must simply make an effort to be like God in everything one does, which includes the rejection of sin.

“You have to be Holy in your position as you are, and I have to be Holy in the position that God has put me. So it is nothing extraordinary to be Holy. Holiness is not the luxury of the few. Holiness is a simple duty for you and for me. We have been created for that.” - Mother Teresa

What Teresa is saying is that we can all be Holy, and we have all been created to be Holy, it isn’t only Saints, it isn’t only a few. It is difficult for many to be Holy though, because they struggle with sin.

The one thing I’ve learned again and again, is that masturbation never leaves me satisfied. Sure, for a brief moment I reach a climax, but then it goes away and I’m back to square one, still longing for God. Masturbation is wrong because it simulates sex, and sex is reserved for marriage. Masturbation is healthy because sex is healthy spiritually and physically, but only when done by a married, loving couple. More importantly, masturbation is a mortal sin because it is lustful and inward. The purpose of sex is to manifest love and create life, and a person cannot do that on their own which is why it requires a partner, and is why masturbation is selfish.

You’ll never feel full, and end your thirst for wholeness/God until you stop sinful behavior, including masturbation. This goes to everyone, not just you. This is why St. Augustine said “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”

Sinful behavior is the rejection of God, and sinful behavior only makes us more thirsty for God; it is like an elixir. Its as though engaging in sinful actions is like drinking ocean water while stranded in a raft. For a moment there is relief, but it will only have the stranded person thirsting for more.

Read this. This will help.

What is virginal flesh?

It’s good to hear you’re making progress fighting this particular habit. :slight_smile: I know it can get frustrating confessing the same thing over and over again (believe me, especially with this sin, I know where you’re coming from), but keep confessing as often as necessary and pray the rosary. I can’t stress the rosary enough.

God bless!

Sweat Blood? Did he actually do that? What does that mean? I read sweat was as great drops of blood but I didn’t know it was literal.

I don’t quite do that, but I do the meditation and the breathing techniques. The intent will vary the direction of the exercise. In the case of the topic of this thread, a variety of things can be done. One is simply prayer, reflection, and asking for strength. Another, which I would do for the issue at hand, is simply to empty my emotions and physical desires. It takes time, but works.

I have been a virgin for 23 years and it has been 6 years since I have promised to wait for my future wife. I know what you’re going thought.

More than likely there ISN’T some demon pushing sexual thoughts in your head. Your natural and basic instincts do enough of that I highly doubt there is enough space for a demon whispering in your ear to do something. From my experience this is the advice I can give:

  1. Learn to practice chastity for love of God first, all the other reasons can come after.

  2. Chastity is not a burden or a curse, nor It isn’t a chore. It is a gift that comes naturally from our relationship with God.

  3. Do not run or hide from your sexuality. Truth be told, those urges you have are natural and healthy however there is a time and place for everything and your time to experience an authentic sexual experience is not now.

  4. Understand that your sexual urges are not a curse on you. It is a gift from God.

  5. Improve your relationship with God! This is important! Trust chastity is will power to resist. True chastity comes from God and him only.

  6. Don’t purposely put yourself in situations that will lead you to sin. Some things cannot be avoided and running and hiding from everything isn’t the answer but avoiding some situations, tv shows, etc is best.

  7. Practice little acts of self control during the day or week. Cut back on the amount of soda you drink, put less salt in the food, etc.

  8. Understand that there will ALWAYS be this struggle. Don’t get depressed,like you’ve already failed, when you think about masturbating or committing a sexual sin. I am not telling you to freely lust after sex or allow yourself to constantly think of masturbating. A healthy human being is suppose to have those cravings.

  9. If you fall, don’t make excuses for yourself, pick yourself up, know you’re forgiven by God before you ask for gorgivness, forgive yourself and move on.

It is not an easy road to work but it is worth it!

God bless you for having the courage to try to live a life of chastity

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The more I hear that promiscuity hurts the more chaste I want to be. I’m not quite sure how abstinence from masterbation totally helps but if that’s the right way to live then it’s right. I’ve heard conflicting info on what masturbation does to the body.

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