Matatics with the new Ipad!

Check it out here:,0,

Well, THAT sure is interesting.
Ipads are not cheap. The article notes that he has had EVERY ONE of the new ones for the past several years. Hmmmm.
Ever been to his web-page (he is a sedevacantist apologist) ???
He is always begging for donations because he can allegedly
barely feed his large family and run his absolutely-necessary
Sedevacantist apostolate which exposes the REAL truth about terrible Vatican II
and the phony Catholic Church that it allegedly produced.

A new Ipad, and has had every one of the new Ipads!!
And look at the picture, too.
That doesn’t look to me like a dirt poor man on his last legs who
needs as many contributions as possible just to survive and
barely keep his apostolate’s head above water…now does it??
I could be wrong, but just looking at that photo, and at what he is buying…
I am poor. I have never had an Ipod or an Ipad.
My computer is a 2004 Dell desktop with a CRT for a screen.
My internet service is old fashioned AOL dial-up. Slow as a seven year itch.
Costs $11.95 a month.
And folks like him (and others) are crying for donations because
things are going so horribly bad for them and their “apostolates”???
I really don’t think that these folks really know what being POOR really IS.
Gimme a break. Don’t mean to be TOO cynical, but gimme a break.

What do sedevantecists base their claims that all the popes after John XIII were anti-popes? How can they believe this, and still believe that the Holy Spirit protects the Church from error? Who do they believe the real pope is? That is very confusing to me. :frowning:

According to Gerry and co, Pope John was also an anti-pope. Each of these folks is his own self-appointed Magisterium.
Instead of trying to think with the Mind of the Holy Spirit-guided-almost-two thousand-years-old Church, Gerry (along with the Dimond brothers etc) relies on his own very fallible mind. In a way, he still thinks like a “Bible-only” Protestant. Personal interpretation! :eek:

That nasty Vatican II was a false council (according to them)!!! After all, it was called by an “antipope”! :shrug:

As far as the “real pope” goes, there are some conspiracy theories out there…Cardinal Siri, Masonic intervention, etc, etc, etc. Fertile ground for loons. :smiley:

One of the tragic effects of the sedevacantists is that they`re cheating very gullible people into forsaking the Mass and the Sacraments, unless they can find a location where “The True Mass” is celebrated! :frowning:
Even the SSPX is “Modernist” in their opinion, and the Mass as celebrated by SSPX priests is invalid because they use the Missal authorised by “Antipope John XXIII”.

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