Mater Misericordiae: St. Cyril on the Leper; Bowing & Striking Breast During Mass

The Mater Misericordiae Mission in Phoenix has transitioned its bulletin to a weekly format. Some of you may be interested in the weekly catechesis content.

More bulletins and in Word format here:

Looks like things are doing well in Phoenix. I’m glad to hear that especially when you read repeatedly that no one goes to the Traditional Rite and no one really wants it.

Makes you think just a bit doesn’t it? Just about everywhere the Traditional Mass is offered openly and with the support of the Bishop, it does very well. In fact it could reasonably be argued that it is close to booming.

Wonder why:hmmm:

Somebody must be wrong;) …the TLM can not be so popular nor so widley wanted:thumbsup: …as another Forum Poster was so kind to point out to me:p …the desire for a TLM mass is a joke it is not wide spread it is only posters of CAF that want the TLM.
Guess somebody was wrong I am glad to see:)

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :smiley:

Send them here.:smiley:

I like that sermon by St. Cyril. I am always interested in the Early Church Fathers. Does your bulletin have a sermon by an Early Church Father printed every week?

Father just started doing a weekly format. Last Sunday we had
Council of Trent, Session the Twenty-second
Doctrine on the Sacrifice of the Mass

I’m sure there will be more great stuff to come!

Excellent, thanks for posting this DTS.

I am glad that Fr. Fryar has gone with a weekly format. I have enjoyed the catechesis in the notitiae the past two weeks.

**New weekly series: Bulletin Catechesis **
I will be starting a new weekly series on this blog. My parish Mater Misericordiae has started a weekly bulletin. In the bulletin every week is a couple of articles of Catechesis, I will on a weekly basis be posting these articles on here with a link to the bulletin. I have found the articles to be excellent, and I hope you find them edifying as well.

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