Material Cooperation?

In general, when and when not is material cooperation justified?

To put this in context, I work at a copy making place in downtown Montreal… now I can be asked to copy literally anything… from a paper defending the one Holy Catholic Faith to something advocating same sex marriage…

I know that in good conscience I couldnt copy something directly evil… for example a poster/sheet advertising the local abortion clinic/same sex parade etc

but what about things like for example works of fiction that might have elements of sin in it… for example a work of fiction written by someone who incorporates a bit of new age stuff in that work of fiction?


In Christ

Good question! And it says something that you are concerned about it. Just about any job can faciltate evil if someone wants to use it that way. Does a telephone company worker quit because some people are using telephones for evil purposes? Do we quit making cars because some people may drive while drinking? I think it is a question of degree. And I agree with you about overtly evil content, but after that where do you draw a line? What about printing bibles that we know contain false translations? Or the writings of other faiths that we disagree with. I would say know as the Church teaches that while we can and should evangelize others we should not take overt action to thwart their God given freewill. IMHO

Don’t be too scrupulous. It is not necessary for a copy maker to proofread everything for moral content before making a copy.

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