Material for Jewish Friends?


We have a couple of Jewish friends who are querying us about the Catholic faith. One is even trying to find Jesus in the Torah. I’m hoping to find some good books or audio resources that demonstrate that Jesus and His Catholic Church are the fulfillment of Judaism. I’m sure there’s something good by Rosalind Moss or Scott Hahn… Any solid recommendations? Thanks!


Look for the works of

Micheal Brown
Hebrew Catholics
Jews for Jesus

Messianic Prophecy by Briggs


Here are a few books:
Before the Dawn (Hardcover)
by Eugenio Zolli

The Nazarene : Studies in New Testament Exegesis. by Eugenio Zolli

The Ingrafting: The Conversion Stories of Ten Hebrew-Catholics by Rhonda D. Chervin



Salvation is From the Jews.

Best book EVER.

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