Material/Formal cooperation?


If I provide a morally good/neutral act in service for a company, but the company would donate its money to a bad corporation, or sell something immoral, is that material or formal cooperation? And which one is okay to do, and which is a sin?


Need some more information… how necessary is that donation, for instance, for the evil works?

My guess is that you are fine.

Here’s a helpful document:


I mean working for a company, like a restaurant. And while you are working there, though you aren’t working with someone in sin directly(like selling a copy of a book that attacks religion to an atheist apologist), the money that goes to the company is used to fund/donated to a company that commits immoral acts (like abortion)


If some particular grave evil can’t be committed without the help that is being given by you, then you are bound not to give that help… unless there is some greater good lost without your help IF it can be done without your help particularly.

Does that make sense?

If you’re a barrista at Starbucks, fine, though if you can find other work, that’s preferable. If you’re carrying nuclear launch codes and are working at Wars-R-Us, then something is wrong.



Thank you for the reply. It makes some sense, but I don’t know if being a barrista at Starbucks would be necessary for a sin being funded or not.
Sorry for the question, I need some clarification, but did you say it’s okay to work at Starbucks?

Thanks always


It is not a sin.

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