Material on Adam and Eve

I read Genesis and i fell in love with it, i am aware it is not a science book but i still find the fact that we know something about the first 2 humans on earth amazing, we have the book of Genesis telling us about the Creation but i was wondering if there is something else about the first humans or about the world before the flood, i love searching for cave paintings and old stories that give us something about the life before Christ, if anyone knows about a book or some archaeological discovery that give us a glimpse of how things usted to be back then please tell me.

If you can give me any material about Adam and Eve at all i would be glad, i hope i can get to heaven one day to meet them, i mean, Adam lived 900 years!!! Even though they were part of the fall i consider them my heros, becuse after all they are still our family.

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The Gobekli Tepe site in Turkey is the oldest ceremonial center discovered. It arguably provides evidence of religious central role in ancient civilizations before the flood.

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My favorite image of Eve.

Thank you mate!

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