Math Pupils Learn How to Drown Turks

Math Pupils Learn How to Drown Turks

“The rather controversial problem appeares in The Mathematical Miniatures for Primary Schools, a manual for second to twelfth grade students who want to participate in the International Mathematical Kangaroo competition. The book was published in 2004 by Aksjomat Publishing House from the northern city of Torun.”

wow, what a horrible math problem! Can’t they write one where NO ONE has to drown?! Maybe about the number of trees, or cats, or something! :frowning:

pax tecum

It would be very easy to reformulate the problem to remove both the racism and the violence.

For example: there are 30 acrobats. 15 are wearing red suits, and 15 are wearing blue suits. Every ninth acrobat in the circle must jump up and do a somersault. Situate the acrobats so that all of the acrobats doing somersaults are wearing blue suits.


That is horribly offensive and shameful. The publishers of such material should be forced to re-write the textbooks so as to remove anything racist and hateful like that, as well as to apologize for having printed something so obviously discriminatory in the first place. There is no excuse for what they did. What idiots!

This is a variant of the old Josephus puzzle, which in its original form involved capture Jews and Romans.

In Saudi Arabia, it is reported that all textbooks include propaganda such as this. They rail against Americans as infidels and followers of satan, Jews as pigs, women as devils, etc. Since the textbooks are written by fundamentalists who have a narrow, sick, twisted view of the world, it is no wonder this garbage is taught, especially when the government backs those who put forth this kind of garbage.

That’s disgusting.

If I was one of the parents and I saw that, they’d know what I thought about it and remove it immediately.

Can you imagine the ruckus if one replaced Turks by certain other minorities? :eek:

Absolutely horrible, and it needs to be adressed, and changed, right away!
Now, can we get you to say the same about schoolbooks in Arab countries that teach children that Jews are pigs and apes?

Or is that completely different, all of a sudden?

Everyone - please notice that I never recieved a response to that question…
Seems that it’s a different matter after all…

so whats the answer? this may be useful information in the future.

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