Mathematical unlikelihood of a harmonious universe


Hi. I recall from the movie Stigmata that the priest notes that there is not a likelihood for the harmonious planet on which we live.

Can you provide some ‘scientific notes’ to point to non-believers that the world is not likely by chance?

I have heard of a mathematical percentage of likelihood (for a harmonious planet). It’s so small that it shows that there was design - not just chance - behind the creation of the world. Moreover, the laws of physics within this unlikely event show the work of the designer - viz. God.

Thank you for anything that you can provide! God bless you!


Mathematical unlikelihood yes. But that doesn’t translate to impossibility.
It is improbable that I win the lottery but someone will win it. Perhaps there are other universes that failed to exist just as I failed to win.

Anyway I think there are plenty of examples for your question. The nuclear forces for example have to be just right for the nucleus to be stable. Or the mass of electron has to be just right in order that it doesn’t spin out of control.


hmm fractals.


If you are fixated on the Earth itself, this might be difficult. However, the building blocks of the Universe are created in a harmonious path with lighter molecules slowly becoming heavier ones. Up to iron, all of this happens within stars including our Sun. Life slowly evolved from simple carbon structures and evolved into life (if you aren’t a creationist). The beauty of life is that we are something derived in an orderly manner from a Universe beyond our complete understanding and now we have that ability to understand in an imperfect way. Whenever I look at the Biblical creation story (which I don’t take literally) there is still an amazing parallel to what knowledge we have now that was clearly not available to the Jewish writer who wrote down the tale.


Here’s an opinion piece I remember reading a few years ago with some math. Not sure how much I buy it as an argument for our faith, but interesting nonetheless.

“The great British mathematician Roger Penrose has calculated—based on only one of the hundreds of parameters of the physical universe—that the probability of the emergence of a life-giving cosmos was 1 divided by 10, raised to the power 10, and again raised to the power of 123. This is a number as close to zero as anyone has ever imagined. (The probability is much, much smaller than that of winning the Mega Millions jackpot for more days than the universe has been in existence.)”


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