Mathematicians have solved traffic jams, and they’re begging cities to listen

This isn’t an objection. But I’m imagining this being applied in my own city (Atlanta).

  1. We haven’t gotten everyone to obey the same traffic laws or drive at the same speed yet. I think we’d have problems with conformance to following the navigation system.

  2. This is more of an Atlanta issue, but during morning rush hour it isn’t unusual for a lane to shut down without warning because a delivery vehicle has stopped on a road or because a bus is ahead of schedule and is going out of service for a while. In either case these vehicles don’t remove themselves from the road. They just block it. Since many of the roads on which this happens may only have one or two lanes in each direction you can imagine it being a blocking issue.

Not related to cars, but on the topic of something that could be done better there are faster airplaine loading methods that have been known for years. But since early boarding is something that can be bought and sold I don’t think we will ever use them.

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