Matisyahu the Jewish musician


Just to share…

Matisyahu is a Jewish rock/reggae musician. You may have heard his song “One Day” about a decade ago. I like his music, and it gives me a taste of Jewish thought, particularly his Shake Off The Dust album. There are many Jewish themes in the album.

(guess who was Jewish and guess what four books and its main character we understand better if we understand Judaism? Keeping in mind of course that Jesus’ era Judaism was likely practiced very differently).


My best friend and I used to jam out to him ALL the time!!! I need to download his music again!


He was very famous when he was ultra orthodox. Now that he became more secular… not so much!


My 7 year old son introduced me to Matisyahu. He heard his song “like a warrior” on a youtube video and asked me to find just the song so he could listen to it. I found a couple albums of his on Amazon Music and have been listening to them on my own for the past month or so.


I haven’t heard anything about him or thought about him for a long time (as in years). I didn’t know he had ceased to be or at least to dress as a Hasidim. Without his beard and hat he looks a bit like a young Martin Landau.


Man he used to be one of my favorite artists, like 10 or so years ago. I had the pleasure of seeing him live 3 times - once at my university. He was always a joy to get to meet, and is a great lyricist. I was sad when he started departing from his Hasidic roots, but he has his reasons and I kinda see where he’s coming from. Anyway, thanks for this! I haven’t thought of him in a while!

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