Matrimony and Rings

Forgive my ignorance, I’m a newbie.
This last Sunday March 21 my husband and I were married in the Church. We had our marriage convalidated in a small but beautiful ceremony. We both got new wedding rings for the real wedding (our civil wedding wasn’t ‘real’). It was a wonderful day.
I noticed during the ceremony that our priest blessed the rings etc.
Well… tonight while my husband was at work bragging to friends about how we got married and showing them the new ring, his ring literally shattered! I don’t know how, but I have it sitting here on my desk in pieces.
Obviously we need to get him a new ring (and take this one back to the jeweler) so do we need to have his new ring blessed or anything?

You are just as married now as you were when you left the church. :slight_smile: But you can have the new ring blessed; seems like a nice thing to do. I’m sorry his ring didn’t last; must be frustrating. My engagement ring split and I had it fixed.

The ring lasted 3 whole days, and shattered while my husband was showing his friends his new ring. Yea, frustrating is a good word for this :wink:
I don’t think we can have his ring fixed, it is titanium … or was.

I am not sure I want to venture here: but I ahve to wonder what he had the ring made of; gold does not shatter, and neither does silver, or normal amalgams of either, nor platinum. Whatever it was made of, you might want to avoid and try a different material. and yes, a blessing would be nice but not mandatory.

It was supposed to have been titanium, at least that’s what the jeweler said it was… but I have to wonder too. The more I look at it, the more I think it was hematite, which breaks easy.

A different jeweler might take a quick look at it for no charge. I hope it was just a freak accident.

Ya get a new ring …have it blessed…and put it on his finger with love…:slight_smile:

it’s not required but certainly it would be nice to have it blessed, which you can do anytime you see the priest or deacon. I hope you get your money back, and go to a new jeweler. congratulations on your marriage

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