Matronymic Surname

Dont know which forum to post my question
But I would like to ask what the church’s teaching is regarding a child to bear matronymic surname. Pro or con? Sinful? Or no particular Position?

I’m pretty sure the Church doesn’t have a rule about this. There are many different cultures with different norms for naming children - in Spain one takes the surnames of both parents - traditionally father’s name then mother’s, although for about 10 years now the parents can choose which order as long as all their children have the same order.

Thank you for your thoughts:)
Though, I wonder how did Jesus follow traditions and norms back in his time in his culture:confused:

I recall in the Bible about Jesus not washing hands before eating bread, and that was against the tradition back then. What would the Father Say about this? (Jesus’ words are the Father’s words)

How did Jesus choose between following tradition, following Father’s words, to practicing his individual choice?

How do we choose?

I don’t think the Church has said anything on it, surnames are a newer thing in the West

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