Matt Slick says approved Marian apparitions are demons

Says all Catholics should leave this wh%#e of Babylon.

The first 20 minutes are him ripping on Catholicism. Even slamming the Pope’s hat equating it to Islam.


Sounds like a real jerk.

The only Slicks I know are Grace Slick of “White Rabbit” fame and Tom Slick from the “George of the Jungle” cartoon hour.

I could not care less who this man is or what he thinks. I will say an extra prayer of reparation to Mary for the fact that he is such an idiot, though.

And you felt the need to post this here WHY???

Honestly, why ?

Thank you.

I see these types of posts all the time mentioning some wack job off Youtube or the Internet who is not Catholic, not generally a well-known figure (i.e. not Jerry Falwell or Billy Graham), and has stated some insane view of the Catholic faith. Why exactly is this considered a discussion topic for a Catholic forum?

Right. Those Catholic haters certainly don’t need any publicity for their horrible assertions. :nope:

Why not? It’s an apologetics forum. Catholic Answers is an apologetics ministry. People with these views call all the time. It’s good to know what one might be up against in defending the Faith. Another forum member Church Militant posts stuff from him also.

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Who dat? Never heard of the guy…

It’s not like the vast majority of us are unaware these views are out there.

And this isn’t a post like “hey guys, I heard Matt Slick said blahblahblah, is there something in the Bible that proves he’s wrong?” or “hey guys, what do I say to someone who claims Marian apparitions are demonic” etc. Framed that way, it might be a topic. Just saying “so and so said this” is a big “who cares” in my book.

Well then don’t read it.

Thanks for posting. Apparently your being moderated! :slight_smile:

Who is Matt slick and who died and made him spokesman

:frowning: Just pray for him.

I heard a really good quote, can’t remember who it was from, that goes ‘those who refuse Mary as their mother cannot have God as their father’

God Bless You


I only listened to a few minutes. He just sort of rambles and mumbles, but never really gets to a strong presentation of the point he is making. I only listened up to
his first break. Maybe I will listen to more later, but I just don’t put much stock into
what he is saying. Even though I came to the Catholic Church by way of the Episcopal and Anglican churches, I love Mary and believe in her apparitions so he is the one who seems to be off track.

Matt Slick is nothing more than an anti-Catholic preacher who makes his living bashing the Catholic Church by spoon feeding fundamentalist n-Cs/a-Cs a never ending load of propaganda that is based upon nothing more than his own ignorance and the ignorance (both Biblical and historical) of the people who follow him.

I won’t benefit him with a click on his video just as I long ago decided to boycott his anti-Catholic forums where they remove any post that links to anything authentic with regard to Catholicism as if their adherents’ faith is too weak to be able to read sources and make informed and correct assessments for themselves.

Have no use for him and anything that he has done.

Asking the mods (what’s left of 'em) to close this this thread ASAP.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

And he is always asking for money!

I’ve heard it all before.

Matt Slick: Catholic Church didn’t give us the New Testament
Matt Slick versus Sungenis mini radio debate
Matt Slick wants to make us look bad

"Nuff said…

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