Matt Walsh: gay clergy to blame for sexual abuse



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Be nice if he backed his stats up with references.


They’re linked in the article.


Matt Walsh is one of those people I check in on periodically for reasons I can’t even explain to myself. It’s like I root for him to finally have whatever breakthrough he needs to acquire the heart piece he seems to be missing. Sometimes I’m disgusted by what I read and upset he is missing the point or that his rhetoric is damaging to his message. Other times I see he might be on some kind of journey gettting better.

Based on what I’m used to seeing in the comments, most of his readers are not friendly to the Catholic Church. He is just giving them fodder here. Sometimes I wonder if he is dangerously close to being some kind of schismatic.


A link to Church militant site is not a reference.
Neither is the link ‘the same study’

And where is the reference to this claim

80% of the victims in the Church have been males.


Page 60 details the age of victims


Any link to a source on that? I’ve never heard that before


None that comes to mind. But even the Wikipedia article discusses it. Of course there will be better sources without the pro homosexual and anti-Catholic bias of Wikipedia.


Are heterosexual clergy to blame for sexual abuse in Protestant churches?


Which popes would be included in this? Benedict XVI knew about a lot of the abuse. I believe that before he was pope he worked in a position which specifically delt with it.


“gay clergy to blame for sexual abuse”

I’ve been saying this all along, and have gotten raked over the coals for it. When 80+% of victims are teenage boys, it’s pretty obvious to all except the blind.

Right on. :+1:

Randy Engel wrote a series of books called “The Rite of Sodomy.” A lot of answers are probably contained in these.
Volume 1 can be read here:

I had read that Card. Ratzinger asked Pope JP2 if he could take over the prosecution of the abusive priests, because the person who was supposed to handle it ( I think it was the Prefect of the Congregation for Clergy) wasn’t doing his job. Ratzinger made small amounts of progress until he became Pope, at which point he stepped up the prosecutions.


I’m actually amazed it’s even a debate.



The pro homosexual lobby is broad and powerful. Not to mention we live in a time when everything is said to be good.


Well I have been told this more or less by gay men themselves…so…I am not going to argue. It is a culture; this is part of it. Grooming, all that. Starts in adolescence usually, not kids, though it can definitely be prepubescent. There are varying degrees of tolerance of this kind of predatory behaviour within the culture; it can be seen as introductory, mentoring, etc. But there is an undeniable pattern of the gay culture coming together in defense of this kind of abuse in the Church. Also much of what is happening in the Church is consensual is my guess, not really abuse as we view it; this is also widely (intentionally I think) misrepresented. I think this argument is spot on unfortunately.


Yes I made this point quite diplomatically in CAF under the old system and my thread was taken down because …. reasons.

If 2% of the population are homosexual and 80% of the clergy victims are of the same sex then of course there is a ‘homosexual’ problem in the church.

Apparently stating facts was not allowed under the old CAF if it clashed with PC, Hopefully things are more enlightened now.


Here’s my point, it’s not in either web ref.

It’s also regional, not global. We should compound global stats and see what comes out. Because paedophile homosexuals don’t prey on females, heterosexual paedophiles do.


And in Catholic churches


Homosexuals could prey on females too if by homosexual we mean men who have sex with men. One who has sex with men doesn’t need to exclusively have sex with men.


An adult male sleeping with an adult woman is heterosexual. An adult male sleeping with an adult man is a homosexual. An adult who preys on kids is a pedophile. Period.

The rectories are not full of adult gay men having sex with adult gay men. If it were society would not see that as a problem.

If a teacher did something wrong I would not just complain to the principal. I’d call the police. I don’t know why anyone would think if a priest did something illegal to go to the bishop? Different generation?

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