Matthew 10:34-36 HELP Jesus: A Cause of Division

Jesus: A Cause of Division. 34 "Do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the earth. I have come to bring not peace but the sword. 35 For I have come to set
a man 'against his father,
a daughter against her mother,
and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law;

**36 ** and one’s enemies will be those of his household.’

I don’t get this at all? Is this Jesus saying this? To whom is he saying it too? Why is he saying this? These things that are said just don’t make any sense to me. Please help me!

I was raised in a strongly anti-Catholic home. Naturally, my conversion was an action highly against my parents’ wishes. Nevertheless, it was the right thing to do. I think this is an applicable example of how the meaning of this verse works. My conversion has been a cause of division between my parents and I. I wish it weren’t, but it is.

In this way, then, yes. Jesus can be a cause of division.

I don’t understand exactly. So that is coming from the words of Jesus? Is this saying that like in order to be a believer and a follower of God there is going to be consequences?

Yes, it’s coming from Jesus. He is warning believers that his teachings will cause division and potentially persecution. Then in the following verses, Jesus is making it clear that unless you are willing to love him above all else, even family, you are not worthy of Heaven.

Thanks, I honestly just didn’t put the 2 together! Thanks!

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I agree with Marty

Also, Luke 14:26, “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.”
We are all called to love God above our neighbor including our parents and siblings. But we are also called to honor our Father and Mother.
I think what Jesus means is that he wants us to love Him, and trust in Him, and follow Him, before all others, even our parents.
Saint Francis of Assisi left his family and his father was furious. There was surely division there.
In my household, my sisters use contraception, and I hate that, and there is certainly division there.

Mat 19:21, Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” This includes leaving your parents I think.

Thanks for sharing! This definitely helps broaden my horizon. It’s crazy how so much can come from little verses.


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Why don’t you take the initiative and read it for yourself? Then in context it may make more sense to you. You have the chapter and verse so why not do the work and read it in its context.

I have read ahead (Previous Chapters too) and tried to figure it out, I came back because I did not understand it. I circled it so If I still didn’t understand it later, I could remember to ask about it. Sorry if I offended you.

What is your problem, the guy had a legit question. that is the forum is here for. For us to ask questions about out Faith. If you didn’t like his question or the way he went by about aking then its on you brother.

To the OP, you did the right thing, don’t let him bring you down

No offense and I apologize for sounding short. Too many times I come across people with Scripture questions and I ask if they have actually read the entire chapter for context and the answer is often uh, no. I think it’s important to read for ourselves and I am glad that you have done so!

Thank you very much! I appreciate you having my back!

Thanks Much!

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Don’t worry about it, Buddy! If you would’ve read further down you would’ve seen that I had actually already found the answer to my question. Thanks for your help though, I appreciate it!

I forgive you,

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I think it means, in a sense, that he has come upset the established order, the established order being that of sin. When you have people who are all entrenched in a particular set of ways, and suddenly a person attempts to change those ways, there will certainly be divisions. Basically, he’s saying “I’ve come to change things, and not everyone is going to like it”.

Just my two cents.

Someone living a chaste and pure life (not getting drunk every week, sleeping around, bad language, bad habits, etc) can by their presence be very irritating to a person who is living a sinful lifestyle. That can happen within a family.

My family was not Catholic and I was living at home when I entered the Church. I was treated with ridicule and contempt by family, and friends I had before stopped speaking to me. One favorite thing they liked to do was schedule an outing/event on Sunday morning when they knew I’d be in church, then turn on the verbal abuse how I ‘wasn’t good enough for them any more’. Changing the event for later that day didn’t seem to be an option they were willing to do. So I missed out, and they were indignant, although they created the situation, and made me the snob or idiot or whatever. When I was ‘one of them’, there wasn’t issues like this. I ended up on the ‘opposing team’ because there’s a spiritual battle going on. Realize that there’s a battle, and there are sides working to defeat the other. That’s why Christ came and He won the victory!

If you read his post he asks if these are Jesus’ words and if so who is he talking to. It is logical to think that if someone had actually read the chapter that he would know whose words they are and who he was talking to. Scripture reading is important and should be done before asking the opinions of others. That being said, I had already apologized to the OP for my tone. Likewise, if what I said to HIM offended YOU, the I apologize to you also.

From the Haydock Commentary:

Ver. 34. I came not to send, &c. That is, dissension and war, in order that the false peace of sinners may be destroyed, and that those who follow me, may differ in morals and affections from the followers of this world. The sword, therefore, is the gospel, which separates those parents who remain in infidelity, &c. &c. &c. (Menochius) — It must be observed, that the gospel does not necessarily of itself produce dissensions amongst men, but that Christ foresaw, from the depravity of man’s heart, that dissensions would follow the propagation of the gospel. The blame of this, however, does not attach to the gospel itself, since those who embrace it, after their conversion sought more than ever to keep peace with all men, even with their most bitter persecutors; whilst those who rejected the gospel, forgetting even the ties of kindred, persecuted even to death the followers of Christ. (Haydock) — Send peace, &c. Indeed before Christ became man, there was no sword upon the earth; that is, the spirit had not to fight with so much violence against the flesh; but when he became man, he shewed us what things were of the flesh, and what of the spirit, and taught us to set these two at variance, by renouncing always those of the flesh, which constantly endeavour to get master over us, and follow the dictates of the spirit. (Origen)

Ver. 35. I am come to set a man at variance, &c. Not that this was the end or design of the coming of our Saviour; but that his coming, and his doctrine would have this effect, by reason of the obstinate resistance that many would make, and of their persecuting all such as should adhere to him. (Challoner) — Not that Christ came for this end, to cause divisions between father and son, &c. On the contrary, the Scriptures teach us to love every one without exception, and especially our kindred; but this is to shew, and foretell what would happen in the same families, when some of them were Christians. We have divers instances of the truth of this in the Lives of the Saints. (Witham) — No one can be connected with the earth and joined to heaven. Those who wish to enjoy the peace of heaven, must not be united to the lovers of this world by any connection. (Baradius)

Ver. 36. And a man’s enemies, &c. He here alludes to our own passions of love, hatred, anger, envy, &c. which are our greatest enemies; and it is against these that we must make use of the sword our Saviour came to send amongst men. (Baradius)

Jesus words here have always reminded me to put God before family. Family bonds can be so tight that someone can make decisions only with the family GOOD in mind and totally ignore the GREATER GOOD. IN an extreme example, a Mafia or organized crime family can act according to “family honor” but miss the truly honorable action before God. Conversely, a family that puts God first may have its problems, but would support each other to build and follow a true conscience.

His words indicate for me an understanding of our tribal nature and how important it is to always follow truth first, over affiliation.

Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with this! Keep haulin’, Buddy!


God Bless!

Here is what the Douay-Rheims Study Bible says

**34. Not to send peace but the sword. **Christ came to break the peace of worldlings and sinners; as when the son believes in him, and the father do not; the wife is a Catholic, and the husband is not. For to agree together in infidelity, heresy, or any other sin, is a naughty peace. This being the true meaning of Christ’s words, mark that the heretics interpret this to maintain their rebellions and troubles, which their “new gospel” breeds. (Beza in no. Test. an. 1565)

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