Matthew 18:3


Matthew 18:3

3 “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Not sure if it was Mother’s Day being yesterday or some other reason, but I could not get this verse out of my head last night.

Any thoughts or insights on this verse?

To what extent was Jesus speaking of here?
That we must be pure like little children?
That we must think as little children?
That we must rely on authority as little children do?

Depending on the answers should we apply this when we read scripture?
As a child we are able to learn and absorb what we are taught, but as an adult we tend to question things and test things because we don’t always trust authority.

To become like children just all of the sudden seemed to speak of a deeper meaning than ever before. This verse was always one that I tended to read but did not absorb.

Thanks for you responses.


Ver. 3. You shall not enter, &c. i.e. you shall have no place in my kingdom of glory, in heaven, where none shall find admittance but they that are truly humble. (Witham) — Our Lord in this and the next chapter teaches us, 1st, To sit down in the lowest place; 2nd, to bear patiently with our neighbour; 3rd, not to scandalise a weak brother; 4th, mildly to correct him when faulty; and 5thly, to forgive him when repentant.

From Haydock Commentary.



…clearly Jesus did not know the children of today… (mtv, video games, corrosive culture, etc.); still, Jesus is speaking about the state of the little ones…

We are born without prejudice, there’s no hatred, racism, egocentrism… we are born with a thirst for knowledge and ecumenism (yeah, that’s build-in).

…so little ones are searching for truth (I would venture: the Truth) and the simplest of things bring contentment and satisfaction… no wonder God makes Himself known to us through nature!

It is when we bend our will to God’s that we are closest to becoming little ones again… because we listen and search for Truth and we allow God’s Holy Spirit to Guide us.

Maran atha!



I liked your response. It left me with a peaceful feeling…



Glad I could provide such response!

Maran atha!


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