Matthew 23:8 and academic titles

First of all, I am not sure if this part of the forum is adequate for my question but since there seems to be nothing related to “faith & work” / daily life etc. and the faith and finance part seems not right either, I am posting here. Admin should move it if neccessary.

I am working in a profession in which much emphasis is placed on academic titles, that is my main job. In addition I am teaching at a university. The university is in a predominantly Catholic country which is not the country of my birth, so there are some cultural differences which might be considered but which I think do not change the nature of my question.

I just received my doctoral diploma and a few years ago already got a master’s degree. In academic publications etc. my name will usually be given as “Dr. my Name & the abbreviation for th Master’s Degree, Lecturer for this and that at somesuch University”.
Some of my students have taken up the habit of referring to me as “teacher” (which in the country in question seems to be a honorific of rather general nature which apparently is bestowed on anybody who is teaching but is not yet a full professor) and my co-workers in my main job who are not close enough to me to be on a first-name basis are practically bound to refer to me as “Dr. …” as is the custom in the place where I am working. I have not asked anybody to refer to me as such but it is the custom here.

Hence there are two questions:

Is it permissible in the context of Matthew 23:8 to declare my academic titles in academic publications, as is customary depending on the journal etc in question?

Am I prohibited under Matthew 23:8 to change the sign at the door to my office to include the doctoral degree (as will be expected of me at my workplace)?

Do I have to intervene every time somebody refers to me as “doctor” or “teacher”? It is my understanding that both would be covered by Matthew 23:8 and that Matthew 23:8 requires a more proactive approach. And if so - only in spoken conversation or also in writing, e.g. if I receive an email which starts with the words “Dear Dr. …”.

Any help is appreciated. God bless you all.

This is similar to the “call no man father” argument that many Protestants use. This article might shed some light.


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