Matthew 24:37-44: One Taken / One Left


Yesterday’s Gospel for the First Sunday of Advent was Matthew 24:37-44. In this reading Jesus says that two will be together and one will be taken. What does he mean? Is this just an exhortation to be ready at all times?


Being ready at all times is a great exhortation in itself. On the one hand rapturists have the one taken as the good guy, on the other hand Catholic eschatology has the one taken as the bad guy.

If this is a parable of end times, it can only be considered as a repetition of a common theme, Noah, Lot, and what it was intended to portray, namely AD70.

But ultimately %99.9999999999 will never experience that end of days moment, because for the rest of us, we experience the end of time, our time, not the end of days. And we never know when that time is, whether tomorrow, the day after, or 20 years, God only knows.

I think the exhortation also extends to not living in fear, don’t build bomb-shelters, just live life to our best, and the rest belongs to God.


Even those who have already died will still experience the second coming of Christ, this is the point everyone will receive their glorified bodies, all the dead will walk the earth again.


It demonstrates the utter falsity of the “Left behind” series. Those “left behind” are spared by God. It is those taken who are subject to sudden judgment.


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