Matthew 8:22 Purgatory

I was looking at Matthew 8:22, and it says to leave the dead behind. What does this mean for purgatory? Or does it have no relation?

But Jesus said to him, “Follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead.”
Matthew 8:22 RSV-CI

Haydock Commentary on Matthew 8, Verse 22:

Let the dead bury their dead. The first words, let the dead, cannot mean those that were dead by a corporal death; and therefore must needs be understood of those who were spiritually dead in sin. (Witham)
— Two similar answers are mentioned in Luke ix. 57, 60. Jesus Christ may have given the same answers on two different occasions. (Bible de Vence)
— God will not suffer us to go and bury a deceased parent, when he calls us to other employments. (St. John Chrysostom)

And Luke 9, Verse 60

Bury their dead, &c. Though this was an act of religion, yet it was not permitted him; that we may learn to prefer always the concerns of God to all human considerations. (St. Ambrose)
— However necessary this might appear, however easy, however short the time which it would take up, might be, it is not permitted him. Not the least delay can be allowed, although a thousand impediments stand in the way; for spiritual things must be preferred to things even the most necessary. (St. John Chrysostom, hom. xxviii. on S. Matt.)

This man was looking for an excuse to not follow Jesus at the moment. It is unknown if his father was dead already or simply elderly and the man meant he wanted to stay with his dad until he died. This could take many years. Jesus calls this man (and all who are called to follow Him) to be willing leave behind anything and everything to follow Jesus, and not make excuses. Jesus means let the spiritually dead bury the dead. Not to the disrespect of those passed away, but rather let those spiritually dead do certain tasks, while the spiritually alive should follow Jesus wherever He wants to take them.

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Well, this may be unofficial Church teaching, but I have personal experience in this matter. It’s a great question the OP ask so don’t take it lightly. See the question as a blessing.

Here is my experience. When I first joined I started a thread of my awareness of hell, and that people go to it. Again, part of my process as a Catholic was now twelve years ago to give up all my old friends and all my bad habits and up my Christianity. But it was only until last year did I finally come to terms that there was a hell and people go to it. Again, a big part of me clung to childish beliefs of universal salvation. So, in realizing there was a Hell, for months I grieved for the sinner. Then to a certain extent, although I cannot know whether I am saved, I felt survivors guilt. Right now my life is a blessing because of the changes I made twelve years ago. But, I can’t spread this message to nonbelievers all I can do is pray for them.

So, in seeing that passage, right now, it is very profound and truthful. I can’t be like a rebellious angel and reject God because people will go to.Hell. Again, like the wealthy man who couldn’t give up his possessions to follow Jesus, there is a certain portion of us who can’t let go of the sinner to follow Jesus. Does that make sense?

Well, now in my journey towards God, I know God is just and merciful willing to forgive all ignorance. I know those who knock sincerely will get an answer. I know, like Fatima, I must pray for the discernment and repentance of as many people out there. But in the end I must love God and let go of the sinner, no matter how much I want them to find God and be saved. Again, part of this process is to better appreciate all Christian denominations and everyone on the Christian path, even if I may not agree with all their viewpoints.

Again, a big part of me had to acknowledge because of the media and all the clickbait, I was ignorant in not appreciating my Christian brothers in Faith. Now I don’t let politics divide me. I’m just grateful they are Christian. But in the end when it comes to the sinner who openly rejects God a reviles in sin, no matter how bad I feel for them I must let them go.

Thanks guys, I think I understand now.

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I don’t see that it is relevant to purgatory, for or against. Jesus is speaking about the urgency to follow him, as those who do not have Christ are spiritually dead.

Because life is found in Him.

As to purgatory, there are many other scriptures.

Years ago I read a commentary that a possibility is that Jews had this ritual that they would go to the tomb after one year and take the bones and put them in a stone box, a kind of second burial. So Jesus was abolishing this reburial ritual.

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