Matthew Shepard's parents head to Russia to spread message of tolerance


The parents of Matthew Shepard, the Wyoming college student whose 1998 murder helped lead to federal hate crime legislation in the US, will spend five days in Russia and attend a film festival in which a documentary about their son will be screened and discussed.

The Shepards also will visit Moscow, and are hoping to meet Russian parents who have gay or lesbian children.

“This is about families loving their kids, no matter who they are,” Judy Shepard said Thursday. “If families would recognize that, everyone else would recognize it.”


They better be careful they could very well be arrested there. St. Petersburg is more tolerant than Moscow but it is still Russia.


LBGT people in Russia cannot legally marry or live in a legal civil partnership together, but aside from that they may live their lives as they wish.


Well that isn’t quite correct. In most places they can’t show outward signs of affection without danger of arrest for ‘homosexual propaganda.’ Also assaults against homosexuals are not prosecuted in most of the country and such assaults are on the increase.


The Russian propaganda law was to do with “for the Purpose of Protecting Children from Information Advocating for a Denial of Traditional Family Values”.

Obviously anti-gay aggression is abhorrent but no doubt this kind of behaviour continues in Western countries and is not reported, by victims, either. Bigots/bullies will pick on the weakest.

*In 2012, Giovanna Del Nord, a 46-year-old trans woman, was attacked minutes after entering The Market Tavern, a pub in Leicester City Centre.[39] Without warning she was punched in the head and knocked unconscious.[40]

In June 2012, Steven Simpson, an autistic, openly gay 18-year-old, had homophobic slurs written on his body and was set on fire at his birthday party by Jordan Sheard, 20, who was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in jail in March 2013.[41] A vigil was held for Simpson in Sheffield on the 9th April 2013,[42] and gay rights organization Stonewall (charity) successfully wrote to the Attorney General asking for a review of the case.[43]

*Police chief’s daughter, 24, and two men charged ‘for brutally beating gay couple in Philadelphia’ after internet sleuths helped track them down on social media
Kathryn Knott, the 24-year-old daughter of Chalfont Police Chief Karl Knott, Philip Williams, 24, and Kevin Harrigan, 26, turned themselves into Philadelphia Police early on Wednesday, September, 2014.
Prosecutors said the trio face criminal conspiracy, aggravated and simple assault and reckless endangerment charges for their alleged part in the vicious beating.


I pray they are able to help. That Putin is encouraging hate crimes against LGBTQ individuals is beyond sick.


Since Russia is not a democracy, I doubt they will influence much.


Since the Shepard’s support a radical homosexual agenda, it would be in Russia’s best interests to deny them visas.


I believe that having homosexual relations is sinful. However, violence should never happen as illustrated in the stories posted previously.


I’m not sure but there is probably a good chance some deep pockets are financing Shepard’s parents going over there. But as said, violence is not an acceptable act against any individual who is not harming others.


The Shepard’s should be denied visas because they support homosexual marriage among other things.


A self-admitted gay reporter named Jiminez published a book in 2013 I believe that called into serious question whether Matthew Shepard’s death was in fact an anti-gay “hate crime.” While there is no doubt he died violently, there seems to be much evidence that his death came about at the end of a drug-fueled episode with other men. However, this story never got much publicity because the “anti-gay hate crime” narrative had already become established and was important to the “movement.”


Of course it still could be a anti-gay hate crime, but the presence of illicit drugs fogs up just about any issue.


One little problem: Shepard was murdered by two homosexuals! :eek:


I concur. And it’s completely un-Christian.


They were so homosexual, they had longtime girlfriends and never were reported to have had sex with men. :rolleyes: Might want to think that one over again.


Almost as unchristian as the radical homo movement.


What do you consider a radical homo movement?

Wanting to spread tolerance and compassion is a good thing for everyone involved. Calling something “a radical homo movement” is unchristian.


I hope the shepherds have a safe journey. Several things going on in Russia is downright disgusting. All it takes is a quick search on YouTube and you’ll find groups that target homosexual people online into meeting them, only for the homosexual person to be met by a group of angry people accusing the person of being a pedophile and then carrying on to beat and or humiliate them. Something needs to be done in that country. It’s so sad.


This type of behaviour also continues in the UK, the USA, Australia, Europe etc, and such attacks are not well reported by the MSM.

Just because the West has legalised homosexual marriage and promoted and legalised their cause throughout society - does not mean that bigots won’t target minority groups.

*Police chief’s daughter, 24, and two men charged ‘for brutally beating gay couple in Philadelphia’ after internet sleuths helped track them down on social media
Kathryn Knott, the daughter of a Philadelphia-area police chief, Philip Williams, 24, and Kevin Harrigan, 26, surrendered to cops on Wednesday
They ‘were part of a larger group who approached a gay couple in Center City on September 11 and viciously beat them, leaving them hospitalized’
The smartly-dressed group had been captured on surveillance footage and internet sleuths helped identify them
Another member of the group, Fran McGlinn, was fired from his basketball coaching job after he was also allegedly involved in the attack

A gay man was beaten unconscious by thugs at the weekend in the latest apparent homophobic attack in France. The assault comes amid mounting tensions and daily protests ahead of a crucial government vote that would legalize gay marriage in France.

*A Perth man, who says he was gay bashed after celebrating New Year’s Eve, says physical and verbal abuse towards homosexual people in the city is common.

His comments are backed by a gay and lesbian community group, which says discrimination is a problem.

29 year old Jordan Devin and his friends, saw in 2014 at a popular gay pub in Perth but Mr Devin says it took a horrible turn when he and a friend left the pub at about 2:00 am on New Year’s Day.

“I had a knock from behind and fell forward, turned around and said ‘what are you doing?’”*

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