Mattress Shop Sparks Fury With 'Disgusting' Twin Towers Advert


Texas mattress shop has apologised for a “disgusting” and “offensive” advert to promote its “Twin Tower Sale”.

Miracle Mattress was inundated with complaints after launching the sale to coincide with this weekend’s 9/11 anniversary.

The advert, now deleted from its Facebook page, features two men toppling into mattress towers emblazoned with the US flag.



One shudders to think what they would show in a commercial for white sheets and pillowcases.


I didn’t watch it with the sound on and it was still very offensive. There had to be more than a few people involved in this and not one of them thought that it crossed a line?


Walmart had a display of Twin Towers made of cases of Coke products.


I think someone took the old adage that there’s “no such thing as bad publicity” a little too far. I mean sure, we all know about Miracle Mattress now because of this… but would any of us actually buy from these fools?


Wow, that is so bad. How can anyone even have considered running this distasteful ad? Those three should be fired. Along with the script writer and account executive that okayed its use.


The cases of coke making up the flag, good. The skyline, good. Never forget, good. They should never had attempted the towers. The message would have been fine that way. What an embarrassment.


Corporations sometimes have trouble resisting a holiday tie-in, even if the day being commemorated isn’t actually a holiday or something to be celebrated.


Tell me that is made up and not a real ad…


Comedy = tragedy + time


I actually thought that the commercial was humorous, but I can see how people would find the commercial in bad taste.


Miracle Mattress closes indefinitely amid ‘Twin Tower sale’ backlash


I’m not surprised by an ad like this. People go the 9/11 Memorial and treat it like an amusement park. Here’s the latest:

No reverence, no respect, no remembrance.


I didn’t find the Wal-Mart display that offensive, but the mattress ad was in bad taste.


How could anyone not see that as offensive? Don’t understand the people that had anything to do with that ad.




But hardly surprising, most people under 25 will not recall the day with any great clarity and unless the meaning is thoroughly explained to them they will not understand it. The same issue is a problem with other major events like VE day and similar events where those who took part are mostly dead or very old. For the current generation it becomes merely a historical fact unless the issues concerned are explained. I find the behaviour of the individuals in those photos appallingly disrespectful and rude. When I visited the graves of the leaders who died whilst proclaiming my own nation’s independence there were a load of tourists making noise and drinking. There graves are next to what was an army barracks and the army maintains a honour guard that routinely patrols the area and the Irish Army Church is also a couple of hundred yards away. The officer in charge of the guard told to please show decorum and respect and they started arguing with him. His simply reply was.“Either respect our dead leave or I will have you removed.” I feel the same way about this as I remember watching 9/11 unfold on TV and watching people been forced to make atrocious choices such as jumping from buildings. It is not a place for a stag do or such events.


Yet Bill Maher still has a TV show and he didn’t wait very long at all.


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