Mature faith vs young faith?

Was is a mature and grown-up sense of faith?
What is a more younger, niave an underdeveloped sense of faith?

I discuss this among those I know.

:The younger version always seems to be predicated upon some sort of fairy-tail/immature/myth version of faith.

The more mature and grown-up version seems to have looked upon the cross and see and except it’s pain and horrific realities of brutality.

How do we teach our children and young people to understand what faith really is as oppose to some folk-tale/myth/romantic blubbering idea of what it is not??

In so many ways, our society pushes a false sense of faith and call is “fairy tale” or worse “the American Dream”

Our Lord never promised anyone some so-called “American Dream”—that was the PR people in some marketing department trying to sell you something in order to make their shareholders happy…

A person whose faith is young and immature is very impressionable and can easily be led into error if proper catechesis is not enforced.

A person whose faith is mature understands core truths of his faith and is not easily taken in by questionable opinions.

How do we teach our children and young people to understand what faith really is as oppose to some folk-tale/myth/romantic blubbering idea of what it is not??

If you want to teach them about what faith is, then do just that. Teach them. Help them understand the difference between faith and fiction, to the best of your abilities and pray for the Holy Spirit to help you in this task. You also need to make sure that your child (or whoever you’re teaching) knows the difference between OUR one true Church established by Jesus Christ Himself and other churches that share some similar views but fall short of the full truth and are not in full communion with Rome, thus not in full communion with Christ.

Good luck and may God bless you.

Wow, Marie 5890, what keen observations vis-a-vis the “American Dream”! You’re a thinker after my heart! I would like to point out the difference between childlikeness (mandatory) and childishness (undesirable). We are called to be children in the sense of wonder. In this sense fairy tales are good for natural development (as long as they’re the time-tested kind) and till the soil for common sense, reason and faith. Just as philosophy is theology’s handmaid common sense is faith’s handmaid. In his book Orthodoxy G. K. Chesterton discusses the importance of fairyland and wonder. What we are not called to be is childish spoiled brats who take everything for granted as merited by us. Childishness is opposed to wonder, gratitude and trust. Childishness is what the devil’s followers cultivate because it is self-centered, devoid of character and enslaving. Childlikeness is God-centered, character-building and freeing because it fosters wonder, gratitude and trust.

Personally, this is what I wished my parents taught me about the faith. Not sure if I would be better off today, but still it is how I wish I was educated as a child.

When I ran home crying from school because my best friend Annie would no longer talk to me, my mom said ‘Give it time she will come around’. I wish my mom would have taugh me to pray, 'God, it hurts that Annie won’t talk to me. If I have made a mistake, show me how to correct it. If there is nothing You want me to correct, help me to accept Annie’s free will.

I wish when my mom was nervous about something, she did not lie and say "everything is OK’ (when it was obvious she was full of fear). I wish I would ahve seen her pray for acceptance.

I wish she would have taught me to thank God more. I wish she would have taugh me to bring my daily struggles to God. This is something I am trying to do and is it ever hard. Sometimes I think had I learnt as a kid, it would be easier now


Cmscms, I sympathize somewhat even though I certainly didn’t have it as bad. But I certainly share your angst for a more all-encompassing (more Catholic) prayer life. God has inspired many prayer groups for people like you and me, cenacles, Fr Gobbi’s Marian Movement of Priests, Luisa Piccareta’s Divine Will Spirituality etc. Start with your parish or if there is an especially pious parish in your area. Ask the pastor about prayer groups. Cling to the best Catholic examples you know. No human respect! Just get to someone you can pour out your heart to. Look up healing Masses. All these things have had a huge role to play in my gradual journey towards becoming a more functional Catholic man; I’m sure you’ll find in them some immediate and lasting value for yourself as well.

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