"Mature" Rating - Is it misleading nowadays?

Often times I encounter a manga that has been rated Mature with reasons being that it may contain extreme gory violence, sexual content, strong language and for the most part, its true.

However, there have been times where I check out these things out of curiosity and have found neither extreme violence or nudity (heck, its pretty much as toned down as the nudity in teen rated manga) but simply complex ideas that are a little bit more intellectual for the average comic. Though I’m not sure if they’re anything very profound but they do explore a lot of themes that would indeed require a more ‘mature’ mind.

What do you think? Is the Mature label in need of redefinition?

First off, don’t check out mature manga out of curiosity. That is an occasion of sin and it is the enticing of the devil. If you care for your salvation and if you love Jesus who died for you, than you will no longer give into this curiosity - even if you believe not all mature manga is bad. Make of it a sacrifice for Jesus.

Second off, I have always found mature-rated manga to be just that: full of mature content. Panty shots and nudity in manga are explicitedly meant to lead the soul to lust. Even a couple in a manga deserve the mature content, because no child ought to exposed to such filth. And lust is filth.

Did you not read my second paragraph? I said I have found a good deal of Mature-rated manga that have none of the explicit sexual fan service you’re talking about. (Take Air for example). I realize that I might actually be talking about seinen though but ‘mature’ and ‘seinen’ are pretty much intertwined. I mean take this new title I ran into lately, Aoi Hana. It’s been labeled a yuri (girl x girl) manga but so far, I haven’t seen anything sexually explicit. In fact, its story is that more of a shoujo-ai.


I forgot to mention but I read non-sexual manga too all right? The problem is that it’s a little rare for me to find a series like that with an interesting storyline and isn’t mainstream. Unfortunately, the only other alternative to that is in seinen/mature because they tend to have darker themes (which would probably explain why they tend to be a bit more explicit than the usual manga).

One of my friends said that they should change the rating of “mature” for content to use instead the word “adolescent” for content.

In terms of viewership, the rating should be changed to “no one”.

I’m confused. Are you saying the “Mature” label on content should be changed to “Adolescent”? And how am I to understand your meaning of content?

Finally, why should the rating in terms of viewership be changed to “no one”? :confused::confused::confused:

Gratuitous sex and violence is not “mature”; it is childish. Therefore, it is adolescent.

I used the expression “no one” … as in no one should go to see it. Because the Legion of Decency rating of C for Condemned doesn’t get taken seriously anymore.

At one time, the Catholic Church basically ran the movie rating system.

But that got gradually watered down. [Along with most everything else.]

Ahh… okay, lemme see if I got what you’re saying.

You’re saying it should be labeled “adolescent” in terms of a story/content having nothing but gratuitous sex and violence. I agree somewhat. In terms of being viewed, you would have some sort of warning that says such stuff shouldn’t be viewed.

I guess that would work. :thumbsup:

Still, I was hoping for a more ‘singular’ rating label, if you know what I mean. :shrug:
Plus there’s still a chance that something can have a good deal of sex and violence but also story and depth. :\

On another thread, I posted a silly remark … to wit, namely, that if you want to eliminate porn, have it produced by government bureaucrats …

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