Maundy/Holy Thursday Attendances

Just a follow on from the thread someone posted about Palm Sunday earlier this week, it’d be interesting to know how well attended Maundy or Holy Thursday was in your parishes.

In mine it was rather quiet, no more than a third of what you would see on a normal Sunday. Our parish priest had to cover for the Cathedral, and instead the mass was celebrated by an Indian priest, who gave an thoroughly excellent sermon.

Haven’t been yet, but past experience says that it will be SRO. We do not have any other liturgy at our parish on Holy Thursday. It won’t be the entire parish, but the church will be full.

I went in Basel, Switzerland, and it was well attended :).

Haven’t been yet either but last years was packed.

The procession following the mass was also crowded despite a pretty healthy downpour. To be honest with you, the rain added to the experience.

Leaving in just a bit . . . it’s generally well attended. We have a procession to the hall then Adoration until Midnight.

I think my parish does Holy Week really well. :thumbsup:

Let’s see. Mass starts at 7, and factoring in around 5-10 minutes walking time, I should probably leave about 6:15~6:20. That’s our collage chapel, and I remember it being packed last year.

At the Parish downtown it was packed!

About 1/3 to 1/2 the regular Sunday attendance but that included most of those who usually attend Saturday evening.

There was an ABBA tribute playing and 1/2 our choir attended that instead. Fr. even asked me this afternoon if I’d flipped a coin to decide which I would be attending.:rolleyes:

Completely packed. Incredibly moving.

Great service, not quite a packed house but close. Experience has shown the ‘real’ Mass for most will be Easter Sunday. CE Christians as my Grandmother called them. Christmas and Easter Christians. Wonderful wonderful service. I am so blessed to have my Pastors all are awesome.

I was disappointed in the turnout, but thought the Mass itself was very nice and wish I could have stayed for Adoration afterward, but had to get back home to my kiddos.

I went tonight and and it wasn’t exactly SRO but it was well attended.

Our priest chose to wash the feet of women as well. I didn’t think this was allowed. I have never seen that before. Sorry if this has been discussed ad naseum. I just was uncomforable about it. His whole theme was on unity and he thought this would be a good way to bring unity to men and women of the parish. :shrug:

Very well attended.

Monsignor’s homily was about service to others, the blessings of the priesthood, and adoration of the Eucharist. It was very moving.

My parish tends to be quite well attended for all the Masses offered and SRO is not uncommon. Thus, tonight’s attendance was no exception.

It was packed at my church. Very good attendance.

There were fewer people than in the past. We have lost many parishioners in the past two years, so I’m not surprised. I am hoping we have bit of a larger crowd tomorrow, at the Easter Vigil, and on Sunday.

This is my first Holy Thursday. It wasn’t completely packed but about 80% full would be a good estimate. Actually, I got to participate in the washing of the feet I was in Johns position by Peter. As I’m a Catachumen entering the Maronite Catholic church it was a great experience. The best part is there seemed to be more people that showed on Fridays service than I noticed yesterday. All in all I greatly enjoyed the experience. I plan on attending both services tomorrow, and the one on Sunday. If this is part of what it means to be Catholic I’m saddened that more people don’t know about it.

Not sure of the seating capacity, but there were no empty pews. Probably 700 including perhaps 15 Dominican Priests and Brothers. My first Mass of the Last Supper of my adult life. Very humbling and sorrowful.

And of course we had a cell phone, twice. Same one :frowning:

Church was very packed. Will be even more tomorrow. So many people are left standing on Good Friday

This was my First Tridentine Triduum which is taking place at Holy Innocents Church in New York City. It was well attended and the Mass was very Solemn, reverent, and beautiful. The celebrant priest was Father Barone, deacon was Father Zuhlsdorf and subdeacon was J.Collins. Gold vestments were donned and the bells were rung at the Gloria later to be silenced and replaced by wooden clappers at the consecration. My role was torchbearer and then second thurifer at the procession to the repository designed by an avid supporter of traditional liturgy (Edward) and other wonderful people. After Mass the altar was stripped barren. I spent time in prayer in front of the Repository for a while and then went with a friend to the Cathedral and the Repository located in the chapel. I then went to the chapel of Repose at my local parish where I prayed Compline with the priest leading the congregation.
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