Maundy Thursday

Christ instituted three things today.

  1. The Eucharist. (which my protestant wife calls communion).
  2. The new commandment.
  3. The priesthood.

How do I defend point 3 when my wife doesn’t see it so?

“This is my Body…This is my Blood”.

  1. The new commandment.
  2. The priesthood.

“Do this in memory of me”

From a historical perspective, maybe? “Look, honey, I know that you don’t believe in the ‘priesthood of Christ’, but you have to admit: from the Last Supper on, up until the Protestant Reformation at the very least, the entire Christian Church believed in it and celebrated its institution today. At a minimum, you can admit that historically, that’s how Maundy Thursday was regarded… right?”

Except perhaps for Romans 15:16 where St Paul mentions his “priestly service” and for Hebrews 13:10 where the author mentions “those who serve the tent,” as far as I can tell there isn’t explicit mention in the Bible of Christian priests apart from the spiritual priesthood of all believers.

However, the Bible does talk about Christians eating from an altar or “table of the Lord” (Hebrews 13:10; 1 Corinthians 10:14-22), which implies the existence of Christian priests who offer those food sacrifices on altars dedicated to the Lord.

See Catholic Biblical Association’s A Commentary on the New Testament, published in 1942, on 1 Corinthians 10:14-22 and Hebrews 13:10.

This was my first thought also!:thumbsup:

Love the realistic conversation!

Protestants have a universal priesthood and instead of priests have ministers who are considered equal to lay people but perform a job for the people.

You should look at their basis for that instead of looking at the last supper.

Thanks. That seems to tie all three together into a single theme.

I was just reading a book by St. John Paul II. In it he referred to the ‘priests of the new covenant’.

We must understand the functions of the priests in the culture that Jesus was living in and that passed down from ancient time. The priests were responsible for offering the blood of the covenant. Now go research what that blood of the covenant is all about. Oh My!

Anyway, if Jesus wanted to get rid of the priesthood he could of. But he did nothing of the kind.


That there is a hierarchical aspect, not speaking here in terms of holiness but in terms of the priesthood and structure of the Church, see

And more on Overview of Sacraments, Rituals, etc.


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