Mauro Biglino- can anyone refute what he's saying?


Has anyone read his translation of the Old Testament? Can anyone refute what he’s saying? If you type his name on Youtube, you’ll find several videos. Some of his books have been translated into English.

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That’s a fair question, but for the rest of us, why are you interested in the matter? The WHOLE Old Testament? It’s going to take some time to answer your question. Specifically, refute WHAT?

OK, I got the upshot from the amazon website. The answer is: It ain’t the Catholic Church who has been mistranslating the Bible. Jews have translated the OT and Martin Luther, as well. The alien invasion spin is just that. I read the reviews and people like to believe this stuff, apparently.

I cannot refute that he did such nonsense.


If the Catholic Church has based its theology on incorrect translations of the Old Testament, that’s a serious problem. Again, this man did a word-for-word translation of the Old Testament (and he used to be employed by the Vatican) and came up with many things I’ve never heard before and are at odds with the church. Calling it “nonsense” is an appeal to ridicule and doesn’t answer my question.


It is nonsense in the fact that the Bible has simply not been translated by anybody (except him, apparently) in such a way as to overturn the whole meaning accepted for millennia about the nature of God.

What does “worked at the Vatican” mean? in what capacity? You must admit your question smacks of conspiracy theory based on what sounds like science fiction. A fundamental hurdle in translating the Hebrew of the OT is that there is no Hebrew dictionary. It is challenging to translate a language that has no upper and lower case, no spaces between words, no punctuation, etc. The Jewish scholars translated the Hebrew scriptures into Greek, which offers the best snapshot of what the Hebrew text means. Sure I know neither ancient language, but the sense of it has not come down to us as referring to aliens or referring to the other sensational new meanings offered.

Further, the New Testament makes no such claims nor refers to the sensational things proposed by this author.


Yes it would be and the opposite would be true also! But Catholic theology is not based on the bible. The bible as you know it came to be much later than the church. Its the church that gives us the bible.



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