Max Lucado books OK?

What is the general consensus of opinion about max Lucado’s writings? What to be wary of if anything? I have a number of then, haven’t read them yet. Are they safe or should I avoid them?

I absolutely love his children’s books, I read them to my daughter and my 3rd graders all the time. A lot of them have an inspirational message without being overtly Christian, (Of course, the Christian kids often can connect the dots fairly easily). As far as his other books I remember reading several and not noticing anything really wrong, I’m sure it’s not 100% Catholic cause he’s not Catholic but it wasn’t anti-Catholic or promoting great heresy or anything. I know they play several cartoons written by him on EWTN (all the Hermie shows)

He’s Church of Christ or at least was and they are extremely anti-Catholic (I remember reading/hearing somewhere that he was asked to cut his connection to the Church of Christ due to various reasons). Some of his books may not come out and say anti-Catholic things but they are there. They are also rather light in terms of understanding Christianity (more pop pyschology and self-help written in terms of Christianity than actual teaching). He also treats serious matters very lightly.

His children’s books I can’t speak to but avoid most of his writings. They are too weak and light and not really helpful. I was reading one about the Cross and what that meant and spent the entire book correcting it because he didn’t fully understand what Jesus did (he treats Jesus as a beer drinking buddy and made subtle anti-Catholic remarks) and doesn’t fully articulate what Jesus and the Cross really mean to Christians. The Cross isn’t a get out jail free card though that’s how Lucado treats the subject.

There are other authors out there that are better. CS Lewis, Catholic authors such as Scott Hahn and Jimmy Akin, etc.

Yes Lucado is pretty anti-Catholic. I have a friend who lives near his church in San Antonio and some of her friends have been pressuring her to go. She says they have more activities than her local parish does. I tried to explain to her what many protestants think of Catholics having been raised Baptist. For good measure I loaned her Catholicism for Dummies and the USCCB Adult Catechism.

Max Lucado is light easy reading. After you get through two or three of them, you’ve read everything he has to say about everything.

I used to read him a lot before I swam the Tiber. While he can be very inspiring, he does, as Pacbox said, treat the Cross as a “get out of jail free” card.

I got rid of his books a while ago. We Catholics have so many good authors - 2000 years of them!

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If I was solid in my understanding of the Catholic faith I could probably read Lucado books without learning something contrary to the Church,

That said, if I’m solid with the Catholic faith why would I want to (waste time and) read something that was doctrinally and spiritually lighter than Catholic classics.

Try some Scott Hahn books…some are very affordable as used books on

Can’t scott hahn and saints books be too heavy and hard for someone to read if they are not moved by their faith yet? wouldnt lucado be someone easy enough to read to introduce the faith to someone who is lukewarm?

Our parish library carries Lucado, and some pretty dvout Catholics I know have his books at home. But I think I don’t have any right now because pretty shortly after confirmation, I talked to my sponsor about it and got rid of almost all my Protestant literature. After all, there is so much more, deeper readng to fill my shelves, and I need space for it all.

I enjoyed his play turned into a movie entitled THE RESURECTION. It is worth watching.

It is really strange, and this is the reason I joined, to write into this topic, but I heard when undergoing my catechism, that he is actually a Catholic. It was my teachers that were talking about this, and they brought in a book of his, being happy that he is Catholic. So now I’m sort of confused. I had from then on thought he was, until now.

some are excellent particularly his children’s books, dvd’s etc. some are spirituality-lite, but I have found a couple very helpful. He has one about not blaming your self for bad things that happen in your life which is one of the soundest guides I have ever read, if I recall the title I will post it. His pretty solid on virtues and Christian values as well. Naturally he does not take a Catholic view on sacraments etc. so the closer he gets to true theology the more small contradictions crop up. I have never seen anything truly dangerous to the faith of an informed Catholic, but in no way does his spirituality approach the depth of classic Christian mystics and spiritual writers.

I was a lukewarm Catholic, Rome Sweet Home is the first few book that moved me. Lord, Have Mercy forced me to the confessional. :thumbsup:

But his other books are quite heavy and need some serious reading.

I read everyone’s comments with interest. I went through Cavin’s Great Adventure at our Parish and thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much. My Methodist sis-in-law said her church will be offering “The Story” by Lucado. When she described it, it sounds like Great Adventure, but i know there’s no way it will compare!

I get that exact same feeling.

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