Maxims that have made Saints

I think this list speaks for itself. As I read down the list, it reminded me that there are many ways of fasting besides cutting down on daily food intake:

What does this mean?

Offer the mortification to the Mother of Sorrows.

That our we should ask the Blessed Mother to take our suffering from us?

Hi MarcoPolo and thank you for the input. I dont think :

32. Have your feelings been injured? Offer the mortification to the Mother of Sorrows.

…means that one asks Mary to take our injured feelings from us, rather and to the contrary, that we unite (offer) those feelings with her own sufferings to God’s Glory. Mary, it is said, suffered spiritual martyrdom at the foot of the cross - as any parent could imagine. Here in Australia we celebrated the feastday of Our Lady of Sorrows yesterday (Saturday).
Mortifications or anything at all “offered” or “offered up” are not asked to be taken away - rather to the contrary, they are accepted peacefully or with as much peace as one can muster.

Blessings and Peace - Barb:)

Greetings BarbaraTherese,

    Thank you for this list.


Greetings Ricardo……sufficient on the list to last a lifetime, huh?..

It would be nice if the list would include the saint associated with the maxim.

I thought that too, but then I thought all of them are in Jesus and in some way reflect His goodness, so it doesn’t really matter who said it, just that it was said for our benefit.

In the Living Prayer of my life

In their simplicity, I thought the maxims most reminiscent of St. Therese and her “Little Way” and could certainly be incorporated into the spirituality of The Little Way.

Blessings all…and God’s Peace…Barb:)

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