Maxine Waters supporters burn the American flag during counter protest



way to go Maxine!


The Democratic counter protesters were heard chanting as they shouted: ‘This is not the American flag, this is their flag.’

The group had been shouting a slew of other slogans such as ‘black power’ and ‘Resist!’

Signs read things such as: ‘Don’t mess with our Queen Maxine,’



So? I would be more outraged that paramilitary groups march with military grade weapons near or around people who hold office.


Why is this news?


Because the media panders to attention-seeking losers


It would be quite rare or unlikely for a group of civilians to all have “military grade weapons”. Those kinds of weapons have been heavily licensed and restricted since the 1930’s and production and sales of new ones banned since the 1980’s.

That said, I don’t know if Oath Keepers has a history of violence.


In my opinion, the best thing to do is ignore them.


I agree. People burn a flag for one reason and one reason only: because they know they will get media coverage for it, people will get mad, people will pay attention. They’re like a toddler having a tantrum. Ignore their baloney and they’ll quickly stop. Keep getting outraged about it and they’ll continue their tired old antics.


True. I think that groups that march around in “uniforms “ carrying firearms kind of fit the same category.

In both cases, it’s their right.


Burning the flag …

Stay away … these people are dangerous.


In what way are they dangerous? I have never been harmed by a flag burner.


‘Oath Keepers’ Group Backs Out Of Protest At Maxine Waters’ Office

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A protest planned for Thursday outside Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ office in South Los Angeles by what she calls an anti-government militia group failed to materialize.

There was no sign of either Waters or members of the Oath Keepers group outside her Los Angeles district office, but there were plenty of onlookers and live-bloggers hanging out in front of 10124 South Broadway.

Protesters who showed up in support of Waters gathered under the watchful eyes of LAPD officers, but just before 1 p.m. an Oath Keepers representative told police the rally was called off, according to CBS2’s Dave Lopez.

“She is queen Los Angeles. If you don’t believe me, just ask anybody out here,” said one Waters booster.

“We’re not out here to hate and fight,” South L.A. community activist and mainstay “Sweet Alice” Walker told CBS2. “We out here to show Maxine Waters we love her, but not to do nothing wrong!”



Flag burners are violent.


How many have been harmed by flag burners?


I have never been harmed by a murderer, a rapist, nor a child molester. I suppose these are all harmless, too?

The fact that you personally haven’t suffered harm by them isn’t exactly an argument, is it?


Claiming someone who engages in constitutionally protected acts is dangerous is not much of an argument either.


Flags are inanimate objects.

Child victims of molestation are humans.


Spouting nonsense is constitutionally protected, but it doesn’t add anything to the discussion nor further anyone’s understanding.


Will she run for President in 2020? It looks like she has a lot of support for the top office.

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