May 22 feast of st Rita

In light of st Rita’s feast day this thread is dedicated to all the prayers she has answered. Please share your stories of a time when st Rita heard and answered your impossible cause


Cascia is an amazing place to visit.
Here is some St. Rita information, including a photo of her incorrupt body.

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She has not answered my prayer that I can see. I’ve made a few novenas to her. But I honored her today. I have a first class relic of her. :grinning:

I said a prayer for her intercession today. God willing it will be answered.

Father gave a beautiful talk about her in his homily this morning.

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I have to admit that my go-to for “impossible” things is St. Jude because he was my father’s patron saint. It also can be hard for me to relate to saints who had bad marriages, as mine was good.
But I said the collect for her just now anyway. And asked for her help.

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