May a Catholic attend a SSPX Mass regularly?


Is it alright to attend a SSPX Mass regularly since the Latin Tridentine Mass is not available regularly around here?


Dear makin,

No, it is not permitted for Catholics to attend SSPX Masses at all! In his apostolic letter, “Ecclesia Dei” Pope John Pall II wrote that Catholics should CEASE THEIR SUPPORT IN ANY WAY for the SSPX movement:

“ c.) In the present circumstances I wish especially to make an appeal both solemn and heartfelt, paternal and fraternal, to all those who until now have been linked in various ways to the movement of Archbishop Lefebvre, that they may fulfill the grave duty of remaining united to the Vicar of Christ in the unity of the Catholic Church, and of ceasing their support in any way for that movement. Everyone should be aware that formal adherence to the schism is a grave offence against God and carries the penalty of excommunication decreed by the Church’s law.(8)

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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