May a Catholic licitly donate money to a Masonic hospital?


My mother volunteers one day a week at a Masonic hospital in Dallas (Scottish Rite Memorial Hospital for Children). They actually do a fantastic work for children (all medical care is absolutely free, prescirptions, lodging for parents whose children have to stay there for treatment, etc.). My mom isn’t into Free Masonry, as she isn’t a joiner, and she would find all the mumbo-jumbo a hoot anyway, but she really likes going there and helping the children and their families. She has asked that we make donations to the hospital in lieu of Christmas gifts to her and I’m sure that when she passes away, she will ask that memorial gifts be made as well. Can I, as a Catholic, in good conscience give money to a Masonic hospital?


Yes, you could, since giving to a charitable endeavor performed by a group isn’t the same thing as giving to the group. But, if your mother is Catholic, you might want to encourage her to give of her time and treasure to a non-Masonic charitable endeavor instead. Dallas has a number of hospitals at which she could volunteer, such as Children’s Medical Center and the
UT Southwestern Medical Center. If she is not Catholic, you might simply say that you feel more comfortable giving to a non-Masonic group and give in her name to the Children’s Medical Center instead.

However, if refusing to give to your mother’s favorite charity would cause unnecessary stress on your relationship with her, it is indeed okay for you to give to her specified cause.

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