May a Christian Vote for any National Candidate in good conscience?

The Democratic Party Platform promises to suppoort and expand where possible aborton rights, Gay rights; and Mrs Clinton clearly expressed her FULL support last evening in thr Debate for these positions.

So I ask agai:

Can {not “MAY”} any Christian in good conscience vote for ANY National Democrat ice Candide> THE QUESTION IS A MORAL ISSUE, NOT A POLITICAL ONE

As always, the answer is: If the nature and gravity of the other candidate’s positions are just as or more serious, you may vote for an imperfect candidate.

May a Christian rationalize a vote for a pro-abortion, anti-Catholic extremist, for a Communist, for a Nazi? The answer should be obvious.

(Yes, I know that there are some Catholics who vote for all three of those.)

In the case of two candidates viewed as essentially negative, we can morally vote to limit damage.

Abortion is a non-negotiable. When it comes to candidates for election, how does one morally limit damage by voting for any candidate that is in favor of a non-negotiable?

The answer is, you don’t.

There is no greater damage than murdering children. Regardless how people might rationalize what other great things a person might do if elected, the fact remains, all of them are worthless next to the murder of children. There is a very, very clear difference between the two major party candidates which was highlighted again last night in the 3rd debate.

Both candidates have many negatives.

Only ONE is against abortion.

The choice is obvious.

In what sense is Trump trustworthy? That’s the point. He’s flip flopped dozens of times and will say whatever he feels is necessary to get elected. He’s completely unsuitable for the presidency in any respect, he’s mentally unstable, believes wholeheartedly in whatever fantasies he cooks up, and is probably closest to being the world leader most likely to trigger a nuclear holocaust and not give a fig about human rights violations and to undermine the US republic of checks and balances and democratic values even more than they already are. (There may be slight levels of hyperbole there, only slight. Still, the man is completely untrustworthy and unstable in a sense beyond the regular political corruption.)

Meanwhile on the other side we have a corrupt woman who’d be happy to create astroturf institutions to undermine my faith, as well as publicly committing to misguided and gravely immoral stances.

This is beyond the run of the mill issues, both moral and economic (and I agree moral take precedence over economic and social). This election is just absurd, both candidates unpalatable. And no, my obvious utter despisal of Trump is not an indication I’m voting for Clinton, especially after all of the anti-Church stuff that has come out. Still, I just don’t understand why people trust or believe in him.

But on a more general level, if there are grave issues on both sides, one can vote for an imperfect candidate. That is Catholic teaching.

So help US out here

We KNOW from the mouth of the D candidate the she intends to support “Gay Marriage”;

Expand Abortion and continue to attack religious freedoms.

So what is the “off set” in your opinion with Trump {a MORAL question, NOT a political one} … What equals or offsets Abortion?

God Bless you, and thanks for your reply

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