May a divorced Catholic go to Confession?

is it possible to go to confession if one is not in a state of a catholic has devorced and in civil law remarried, can he or she go to give confession. Or, while in a state of ungrace, would he or she be hypocryticall in the eyes of God.

Dear C21,

Not being in the state of grace is the very reason for going to Confession. What you are concerned with is more than simply not being in the state of grace. You are speaking of living in mortal sin as a kind of life-style. Certainly, Catholics who are divorced and live in a celibate way may go to Confession and receive Holy Communion.

To live as husband and wife with someone with whom one is not validly married is to live in mortal sin. The solution to this is to not sin. It is possible to live in a celibate way as brother and sister. If one is able to receive an annulment and then eventually marry in the Catholic Church—so much the better!

Nothing, nothing is more important that living a life that is faithful to what God asks of us. I would encourage you to speak to a priest regularly. He will not be able to give you absolution because such requires a firm purpose of amendment. But with prayer and encouragement, you may eventually be willing to make that firm purpose of amendment and then re-enter the Church’s sacramental life. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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