May Catholics receive valid sacramtents in non-RC churches?

I haven’t asked a quesiton in two years because your set-up is so #¤%&?!# complicated. Even today I was about to give up – but somehow got through to this dialogue box.
Then I won’t know when and if I get an answer or where to look for it, but here goes anyway.

Does teh RC Church allow RC Catholics to attnd a church having apostolic succession and sacraments which in the eyes of the Holy See are valid. This would include the Eastern Orthodox faiths, the European Old Catholic Churches and America’s own Polish National Catholic Church. The sacramental validity of the latter was was officially reaffirmed by the late Pope John Paul II?


Catholics may attend the liturgy and sacraments of a schismatic church such as those you mentioned—ONLY if there is no Catholic church in the city.

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Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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