May I ask, why do threads automatically close?

I don’t understand the benefit or the need to automatically close threads in which people are engaged in a quality discussion. Can someone enlighten me, please? Thanks in advance.

The topics may be in violation of CAF rules, too much information being given may be in opposition to Church teachings, people may be badmouthing the Church or the Pope, or they may have lost their good manners and become too nasty. Lol! I say “too nasty” because there are gradations of nasty and lower levels of nasty are frequently overlooked.

As Fauken told you on your other thread in feedback asking the same question,
if you want the answer for a particular thread, then PM the moderator . Fauken gave you the link to PM the response on your other thread.

In general, moderators can decide to set a thread to close early if they feel that it has become too contentious or if it is a type of thread they usually close (like threads by scrupulous posters asking if XYZ is a sin). Or for any other reason they think applies.


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