May I attend a civil wedding of two divorced non-Catholics?

A co-worker/friend of mine is getting married and has asked that I be a witness at her upcoming wedding. The wedding will not be a church wedding but rather will be held at a downtown courthouse at a civil proceeding. My co-worker is divorced and her fiancee is also divorced and neither has any children. Neither was married in a Catholic church ceremony, nor is either a practicing Catholic now or at the time of their first marriages. However, my co-worker was Catholic during her childhood. To my knowledge neither has had any sort of annulment of their first marriages. My co-worker has asked that I attend the ceremony and serve as one of the two witnesses. Is it OK for me as a Catholic to attend this ceremony and serve as a witness?

Unfortunately, as the bride’s status as a Catholic sounds very unclear, I am unable to help you determine what her obligations as a Catholic were at the time of her first marriage or now. I suggest contacting the St. Joseph Foundation, which has canon lawyers on staff, for help in sorting out this situation.

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