May I attend an Orthodox Saturday vigil?

As some of you have seen in a previous thread our so, i am curious about the orthodox faith and haved decide to go an attend at orthodox vigil on this saturday eve. A russian-orthodox parish here celebrates vigil at saturday evening.

I know that catholics can attend at the divine liturgy (but not recieve communion), but are they also welcomed to attend the vigil service? I am not going to deny that i feel drawn to the orthodox faith, so that is why i am asking.

This probably will appear absurd to some, but i rather want to make sure than being rude in my first meeting-encounter with the orthodox church.

Blessings. :slight_smile:

There should be no problem with that.

Excellent. :slight_smile: I got like, a lot of questions. I saw a divine liturgy (part of it) from a russian-orthodox parish in NJ here the other night on YouTube. Wow, it was just breathtaking.

Do not be suprised if i come up with questions (as i am curious by nature).

Ask away!

You know, Padraig, that many eastern Catholics act pretty much just like the Orthodox, venerate their saints (ask Fr. Moses about Saint Nectarios:)), go to their saints relics, pray like them, their liturgy is very similar, Churches look similar (the nearest Eastern Catholic church to me looks more Orthodox than the nearest Orthodox church:eek:), and in fact, many like to be called Orthodox in Communion with Rome. So, you get the same spirituality, but in union with Rome.

I believe he has stated in another thread that there are no Eastern Catholic parishes close to him.

Maybe he could go to the Orthodox Church for vigils and other hours, but still be Catholic?

I have been to a Festal Vespers with Litya and partook of the Litya bread and wine. The priest himself invited me to, and I even got blessed/anointed with oil. The only thing you can’t receive is the Eucharist, everything else you can partake of.

Of course, and go to Mass at other times to fulfill the Catholic obligation. And even if you do not want to think of it as an obligation, you should receive Communion as often as you can, and obviously as a Catholic it can only happen in one place.

I will until things are cleared out. So it will be more church attending, but i do not mind at all. Need to find out about things, but will use the time well and not rush anything up.

Just a small update: i went to the saturday eve vigil. What an amazing experience. I was given some oil on my forehead and it still smells. My clothes also smell of incense. Felt a great joy and will go back there again next week for the divine liturgy.

Could not understand a word as it was in russian and/or church slavonic, but it was an unforgettable experience. :slight_smile:

Wonderful! :slight_smile:

Its in Church Slavonic. Russians won’t use Russian except for the Homily.

Interesting. It sounded very similar to russian.

Essentially, they read Church Slavonic as they read Russian, with a few modifications to how the g and o are pronounced. The language itself is somewhat different.

I just wonder how to learn it as that was a quick thinking late last night: where can i learn this language? Some old horses like me has the idea that one still can learn. :slight_smile:

Slavonic came from the Slavic language. Its like how Liturgical Latin is to the regular, everyday Latin of its time.

I am honestly unsure where one would learn Slavonic. That is a good question.

It seems that i can on the university of Oslo after learning Russia. Well…one step at the time first i guess. :slight_smile:

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