May I borrow your gun

If someone came to us and requested that they borrow our gun in order to murder a person, how shocked would we react and either attempt to talk them back to reason or call the cops.

And if someone came and said, I have “the gun”, but I need ammunition, if you give me the bullets, then I will go kill this person. Again, our horror would be in overdrive as we attempted to get this person back to a place of reason and protect them and the person they wish to kill.

Likewise, if someone came to us and said, I have “the gun” and “the bullet”, but I need a ride to get to the place that I wish to kill a person, we would do everything imaginable NOT to provide that ride and return the person with the request back to some reason and save the other persons live.

However somehow, change the words, gun, ammunition, bullet, and ride to “vote” and we surrender our sanity, our soul and our salvation to help them kill the most innocent of innocents, the babes in the womb - who cannot run, cannot hide, cannot speak, cannot do anything except hope we - you and I - do not lose our sanity and surrender our vote.

Well said. I pray for conversion of the hearts set on abortion that they may find it in their heart to choose life.



O God, send the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, & Raphael to our assistance. May they who stand forever praising You at Your throne present our humble petitions before You. May they be our safeguard in times of trouble and temptation. May they defend our country from attack. May they tirelessly work to end abortion and all the sins against life in the world. May these powerful angels help to assure the leaders of our country follow You first in all things. And may they help to strengthen our Holy Catholic Church and draw others to this vessel of the Way and the Truth and the Life. We ask this through Christ our Lord in unity with You and the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end.

Now that’s what you call , looking at the bigger Picture ,
Just a pity there are so many different interpretations of that same big Picture,

Good Luck

Praying with you for everyone’s right to life.

:thumbsup: Excellent post!

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