May I commit a mortal sin, knowing that I can still go to confession?

I have been involved in several “debates” on the political forum. There are prevalent views that have raised the following question in my mind. Suppose I wish to vote for an individual but that vote falls into the realm of material support of a grave error (mortal sin?). Suppose that I know this. I then decide that my course of action will be to sin with the intention of going to confession and receiving absolution. Is there anything wrong with this?

Dear Francesco,

You bet there is something wrong with this: the sin of presumption, not to mention being dishonest with God. One would have to question the sincerity of your contrition—when you had the whole thing planned in advance. What an insult to God!!!

Picture in your mind Jesus hanging on the cross. The pull of gravity on his body squeezes His lungs. So He has to keep pushing with His feet to raise His torso in order to fill His lungs with air. This constant motion continually aggravates the pain in His hands and feet as well as all the wounds on His back from the scourging. It also aggravates His shoulder, wounded by the heavy cross. On top of this He has a splitting head ache, a driving thirst and nausea. He has been enduring this for three hours. And you look at Him and say: “I am going to betray you, but then I am going to ask your forgiveness. So you will have to forgive me! -----And you ask if there is anything wrong with this?

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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