May I convalidate my marriage without returning the the Church?


I was raised Catholic but have not attended for many years. I am married and my husband was not raised Catholic. We married in a non denominational church. I have been a member of another church for about 12 years but lately have been thinking of returning. While I’m not sure I want to return, I do feel like I want my marriage to be valid in the eyes of the church regardless. Is it possible to have my marriage convalidated before (if) I return?



I must admit, you really got my attention on this one. The ONLY reason for being concerned that your marriage is valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church is that you recognize the Church’s authority. Otherwise, why would it matter?

Whatever hang-ups you still have regarding the Church–somewhere deep within you, you know that you belong in it. Begin the convalidation process by contacting a priest and don’t worry about coming back to the Church. You are already back! When you have the marriage convalidated, go to Confession and then you may receive the Lord in the holiest of Communions. If you have any problems, you can contact me by clicking here on my name. You are in my prayers. Welcome home!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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