May I go to a baby shower for a single mother?

At my place of work colleagues are planning on having a baby shower for an unmarried pregnant woman in the office. It doesn’t seem to be an “accident” but a case of believing one doesn’t have to be married to have kids. Would it be acceptable to participate since the baby is innocent, and the fact she’s having the baby and not killing him is a good thing? Or would it give scandal, leading others to think cohabitation was OK? :confused:

A baby shower is a small celebration that is supposed to outfit a mother with a few of the things she will need to take care of her baby. It is also a means of celebrating a birth. The circumstances of the child’s conception may constitute grave matter for the parents, but supporting them in accepting the good result God brought from their morally problematic action can be a practical working out of a prolife worldview.

You are certainly not required to attend such an event, especially since the expectant mother is apparently not a personal friend but a co-worker, but if you wish to do so there is nothing wrong with attending.

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