May I have a Confirmation name change?



I am curious about my confirmation name. When I was confirmed and it came time to choose a confiration name I went to the “Lives of the Saints” to search out a suitable namesake. AT the time I was taken by the story of St. Wolfgang, a German bishop of the 10th century who was noted (at least in legend) for being so pious that he could force the devil himself to do good works. There was a print of a painting of St. Wolfgang in the book showing him preaching the gospel with Satan holding the scriptures. I was very impressed with that.

However, being a reserved, shy, and easily embarassed young man I thought that choosing the name Wolfgang would make me the object of ridicule among my classmates. As a result of this shyness I chose instead to use the name “John”, as it seemd “safe”. Ever since then I’ve always maintained a fondness for St. Wolfgang. When I returned to active participation in the Church a year ago I was curious if there was a process for changing my “official” confirmation name from John to Wolfgang. I asked my current parish priest as well as the priest from the parish I grew up in. Neither seemed to have an answer. My old parish priest even brought the question up to the diocese (Camden)…they really didn’t have much of an answer either. The position that was communicated back to me was one of “What’s done is done.” My current parish Vicar seems to feel that using Wolfgang isn’t a problem and that the saint has “claimed me” anyway. That’s pretty satifying for me.

I was wondering, though, if you folks here at Catholic Answers might have a view on this, or know of something like this happening before. Like I said I’m just curious.




This link should answer your question about how to acknowledge your saintly advocate. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by this link, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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