May I have this (pole) dance?

Not sure this is the correct forum for this, but I was prompted by the thread about Hannah Montana’s alleged pole dance.

I am dismayed about how this form of “entertainment” is sneaking into the public consciousness. I work as a legal secretary at a small law firm, and I am the one who usually opens all the office mail. Just last week, an envelope came addressed to my (male) boss from a “women’s fitness center” here in town. There was a letter that said they wanted to introduce the “girls in his office” to their “dance and fitness center” and enclosed tickets for free lessons. There is only one “girl” in this office under the age of 40, and she is an attorney. I showed the letter and tickets to the other secretary in the office (who is 15 years older than I am) and pointed out to her where it said “not valid for pole dancing lessons.” We both kind of laughed, more out of embarrassment and disbelief than anything else, and she asked where these people got our boss’ name and what on earth made them think we would be interested in their establishment? Just because we are women? She then noticed that the tickets expired the day before, and she threw them in the trash and said, “Well, that takes care of what to do with that.”

I had heard of this place before, when they had a write-up about them in the newspaper. They call themselves a “women-only dance studio and fitness center,” or something to that effect, and teach pole dancing, striptease, and things of that nature. The article quoted women who were taking the classes and said it was a fun thing to do with their girlfriends and they felt “empowered.” :eek::confused:

I totally don’t get this. We didn’t tell the boss or anybody else in the office about this mailing. I can’t tell you how creeped out I would feel if my boss handed me a couple tickets and said, “Here, enjoy some free pole dancing lessons - oops, sorry, can’t use it for pole dancing. Maybe the strip tease.” :eek:

Wow, how disturbing. You’re right. It’s more of the dilution & downright dousng of morals in our society. I wonder if your boss might like to hear about so that he can respond to these people appropriately & let them know to not send anymore offers. The female lawyer might also like a chance to let them know what she thinks.

Gak! I knew that pole dancing was now considered good exercise–I think it was after Madonna got into it that it became popular. And now strip tease! Ugh!!

I think the belly dancing classes at the rec center are pretty lame, but at least the real belly dancers at the middle eastern resturant aren’t anywhere near the league of the pole dancers!!!

Hopefully the gym’s offer fell flat and they’ll go back to regular jazzercise!

Bah! Calling the degenerating, the demeaning “empowering”! spits

Nuthin’ new, though. :shrug:

I was watching TV several weeks ago and saw a commercial for a new at-home exercise kit which was all about erotic dancing, and it included a pole.

I can’t say that I don’t get it – because I do – but it’s just sad to what levels we’ll sink to get what we want. There are a lot better ways to strengthen your thighs and abs than by sliding seductively down a pole, ladies.

What really aggravated me about the Miley Cyrus thing was how many people blew it off as something she “had” to do to show that she is becoming a woman. The GIRL is 16!!!

How can learning a form of “entertainment” that generally objectifies women as sex objects be “empowering”? I thought that’s what women worked so hard to be liberated from…

If you are try to play this dance. First of all you can learn something new about pole dance.
Try to use new pole dance accessories like hand gloves and dresses etc. Join some professional pole dance classes nearby you.


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