May I keep an empty monstrance in my home?

I found an old family monstrance that has been “unblessed” and has no host or container to hold the Blessed Sacrament. I would like to use it in my prayer area. Is it permissible to keep in in my home?

If the monstrance has been deconsecrated and can no longer hold the Blessed Sacrament, it really cannot be put to any religious purpose, even in a private home. Besides, as a rule of thumb those items used to hold the Eucharist are not put to any other purpose. I recommend donating the monstrance to a local parish, to a religious house, or to your diocese. If it can be repaired, they may want to do so and then return the monstrance to its intended purpose. If not, they will know the proper way to dispose of it in a reverent fashion.

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